Trick or Treat, gimmie something good to eat!

Last time I checked, you can’t eat pencils or stickers.

So what’s up with the teal pumpkin project? What happened to the days of dumping your candy bag on the kitchen table, mom/dad sitting with you as you searched for opened wrappers/tossed, things you couldn’t eat/tossed, and sneaking as many of the “okay” pieces as possible without your parents seeing? Go back to that first point … “mom or dad sitting with you” … In my opinion (after all this is my blog so I do get a say) parents have become lazy. They are relying on others to cater to their child’s food allergy; finding non-food items to pass out to those kids. I’ve seen some parents bragging about how much they’ve spent on fake tattoos, stickers, and pencils to pass out – some in the upwards of $40! Others promised to not run out (on food & non food items) and have bought enough goodies to fill 4 paper grocery bags. What the what?! Heaven forbid you run out and have to turn off your porch light; I bet these parents also believe that every child should win a medal.

Back to my main point, I cringed at spending $12.50 on 5 bags of candy and being the teacher that I am I made sure to buy “peanut items” and “non peanut items”. Teach your kid to speak up or wear an allergy bracelet and I will gladly give them 1 of the non peanut items. FOR SHAME! Parents having to do their job! Just because we’re a ‘diabetic house’ doesn’t mean I’m going to pass out freaking pencils (or paint a pumpkin grey). NO KID WANTS PENCILS. The kids who are allergic to peanuts want candy too, as do diabetics (I’ll get in to nutrition facts in a second…). PARENTS: be involved and sort through those bags with your kiddos and stop expecting everyone to bend over backwards. Also teach your kids if porch lights are off that the house is not passing out candy, they’ve run out, or are not home.

BTW this will be your kid’s face when you tell them they can only accept pencils on trick or treat night.


**BEGIN CANDY NUTRITION INFO** this is for the other diabetics out there … it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be!
– ‘Fun Size” M & M bags :: serving size is 3 bags (no wonder American’s are fat) but limit yourself to 1 and it’s only 11g of carbs
– ‘Fun Size’ 100 Grand :: serving size is 2 bars but limit yourself to 1 and it’s only 15g of carbs
– Generic orange lollipops (like the kind bank tellers used to send in the vacuum thingy if they saw a kid was in the car 😉 yeah, YOU KNOW) :: serving size is 1 and it’s only 14g of carbs
‘Snack Size’ Kit Kat :: serving size is 3 two-piece bars but limit yourself to 1 and it’s only 9g of carbs
‘Fun Size’ Snickers :: serving size is 2 bars but limit yourself to 1 and it’s only 10.5g of carbs

… after reading all of these labels, yes that takes time but worth it when I get to tell my husband he can have some of the candy. Mind you 1 a day is all he can have but it’s better than nothing (it’s all anyone should have, let’s be real)! Now I’m not a candy lover but he’s the one who used to eat a mega bag of the “gold bag” gummy bears (this was pre-diabetes) so he’ll be happy that I’ve done my research.

Most important though, have a safe and fun Halloween. Put on an awesome costume, carry a heavy duty candy bag, wear something reflective or a glow stick so you can be seen, and really – beg your parents to come with (probably suited for 6th grade and younger – middle school & older are just too cool to be seen with parents 😉 ). I was chatting with my husband about Halloween memories and we agreed that our parents stood at the edge of a driveway while we (the kids) walked up to the doors. Now that I’m the one passing out candy it’s nice to see parents out there giving a friendly wave and not slowly driving by in a car … which BTW is super creepy.

Educational moment: At first I thought these pumpkins were supposed to represent a “ribbon”, like pink is breast cancer. I decided to look up what a teal ribbon means and 1 of the “awareness” points is for sexual assault victims. So yeah, there’s that. I had this at the beginning of my post but moved it to the end … didn’t want to put a damper on your day right off the bat.