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I’ve been hooked to Instagram lately – one of my photos got over 300 likes and quite a few followers … I can’t take full credit because it was a Pioneer Woman recipe and when you use that tag, let me tell you – it will be seen! I’ll talk about that recipe in a minute.

Why have I been stalking IG so much? I decided to search photos with any tag related to Type 1 Diabetes. Healthy food creations, pump readings, and body builders. Yes, body builders. The diabetic diet is one that most body builders follow so it seems that a lot of Type 1-ers become a body builder by default. You wanna live? You need to work out. I don’t mean these people have thighs bigger than their head, but they sure are more muscular than your average gym goer. This has to do with the amount of protein that is consumed and the (almost) zero intake of sugars. My husband walks 12 miles a day (due to his job) and runs another 6 at least 3 times each week (again, due to his job). He’s very fortunate however we all know that depending solely on running as your workout isn’t very healthy for you. He lifts 5x per week, maybe 2 hours at the gym ON TOP of the 18 miles of running/walking each day. He’s a beast! But he’s got to, this isn’t a choice and he certainly sucks it up when he’s not feeling up to a gym trip.

What kills me is then doing a search of Type 2 IG tags. Mounds of sweets, ice cream, people saying “if I eat this I might just get diabetes” (can I smack those people?), and overweight people complaining about their pump readings. Oh man, where do I begin. First of all we know by now that eating ice cream doesn’t cause diabetes *face palm*. I know most are joking but it’s really freaking annoying. Just as annoying as people who use the R-Word to describe an object *double face palm*. I digress … on to the overweight people who complain. Y’all can do something about Type 2: get rid of it completely, maybe need 1 pill, or only evening insulin.  You can make a change FOR THE BETTER. So why not? The people who have a disease for the rest of their life are working their butts off to live a healthy life knowing diabetes will never go away. The overweight people should start working their butts off to live a healthy life knowing they could get rid of having diabetes. Although, most of the overweight people got diabetes from being lazy in the first place … they may not ever change and it’s really sad. 

I guess there are the people who take the wheel to control their lives and others who like sitting in the passenger seat. To each their own, just don’t complain about it. Please and thank you.

Roar roar roar, sorry for that rant – it’s been a discussion in our house for the last few weeks and I had to get it off my chest.

On to some of my creations over the last 2 weeks. It was concert season at my school so that means I’ve had pretty much no free time (except to cook amazing meals). I’m getting this post in real quick before I write out some music for graduation. BUSY BUSY BUSY.


These are the yummy pork chops I mentioned in my last post … zucchini and onion “salad” with a honey mustard vinaigrette, pork chops with blue cheese/cranberries chunks, and of course biscuits. When there’s this much yummy food we can add a “no no” side like biscuits 😉


Ok, these 2 dishes are now our favorites … I’m sure that’ll change in a few weeks when I find another amazing recipe but for now, we’re in love.  A flatbread pizza taco by the Pioneer Woman herself. This is the IG post that got over 300 likes. It’s the small things in life that make a day better. We made some healthy substitutions, as usual.  Now, that sandwich you see is by Rachael Ray .. the pierogi-wich. Sorry, there’s no cheating this one … adding pickles makes it healthy, right? Just kidding. One was filling so please do not make extra … helping yourself to seconds on a meal like this will surely send you into a food coma.



Ah, ending the week with steaks … I love when my husband is home to grill 🙂 And yes you are seeing double with the rice/broccoli/cheese casserole. My version was loosely based off of the link I provided (I changed a few ingredients) but I measured for 6 servings; I wanted leftovers but not THIS much! A week later and I still have 1 casserole in my fridge 😦 .


Here’s Cinco de Mayo! Enchiladas from the Pioneer Woman. I used corn tortillas for my husband and flour for me. They were so good!  I was feeling a little guilty from the lack of seafood on my menu so I whipped up this easy fish bake, courtesy of…. drum roll…. Rachael Ray! I used cod filets, topped with a mixture of mayo & diced garlic (A LOT OF GARLIC because we don’t care for the taste of mayo), and panko mixed with parm cheese; finished off the leftover mashed p’s from the pierogi-wich and microwaved some veggies. Don’t judge me based off of that last side dish.



Annnnnd here’s our big cheat for the week. Bacon wrapped meatloaf. Sheesh, stop drooling! Oh Ree Drummond, you get me every time with your amazing creations! Yes, that’s the leftover rice casserole. From the 1st dish. I told you it was an insane serving amount!

Woo Wheeeee! That was a long post. That’s what I get for not posting after 2 long weeks.  Please don’t get mad with my opening rant, I’m not saying that all Type 2’s are lazy and don’t want to change their lifestyle … it’s the posts I saw on IG that upset me.  I’m sure the people who are changing their lives aren’t on IG (hence them actually losing weight, not being glued to their phone).  Just understand where I’m coming from and enjoy some of these delish/healthy meals before you bash me.


Cuddles in the kitchen

Well thank goodness this weather is insane because I am airing out my house with windows wide open, from yesterdays french onion soup adventure.  Just a friendly reminder, it was 30 degrees yesterday and most of the city was shut down with icy roads … except by noon everything was clear and roads were completely dry. So there’s that bizarre turn of events.

For some reason I had this notion that french onion soup was incredibly difficult to make.  What the heck was I thinking? It’s beyond easy!  Get yourself a mandolin to make 2 lbs of slicing onions go by in the matter of minutes; I prepped everything earlier in the day so I could come home from teaching and just start cooking.  “EVERYTHING” consisted of 2 lbs of onions for the soup and six mini ham and cheese melts, I’ve made these sandwiches before … super easy and I’ll post instructions again.


How beautiful is that mound of onions? Yeah well it was pretty stinky and man did it linger! Oh can we talk about how impressed I am with Walmart because I was able to find Gruyere cheese … what?! I know! I almost settled for Gouda but when I ran intro the Gruyere, I did a little happy dance.  Broth, wine, Worcestershire, and balsamic vinegar – that’s it.  I didn’t have the sprigs of herbs the recipe called for so I just sprinkled in parsley flakes and tossed in 1 bay leaf (I didn’t have Thyme). Tasted fine to us!

IMG_5247 IMG_5248

After boiling and simmering the soup for close to an hour, in to the oven/broiler it went. I found these cute oven safe mugs at Walmart too, perfectly sized for the right amount of soup. Geno helped me make sure the cheese didn’t catch fire, he’s such a good helper! Really, any reason to cuddle and that dog is there first in line. McLane wanted in but he’s too big to fit in my lap 😉 .

Everything turned out perfect and I was so happy with the soup. I will absolutely make it again.  I must remember to add more salt A) while the onions are caramelizing and B) when all of the liquids have been poured. It wasn’t bland but a bit more salt would have been nice.  I do need to give a shout out to my husband though – I typically don’t cook on Friday’s but he promised to help if it meant having french onion soup.  He held up his end of the deal so I kind of had to feed him. He’s the best.

In the end, I shouldn’t have been so skeptical of this making soup … I’ve made much more labor intensive soups before so honestly this recipe was for a rookie. Impress your family, they’ll think you slaved over the stove all day. 100% classic comfort food for a cold day, perfection!

Last blog for the day… PROMISE!

AGH! I almost forgot about these 2 recipes from Christmas.

Some appies before dinner: bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos.  Another request from Josh – it’s the same thing that I wrap the chicken bombs around. Cream cheese and shredded cheddar, stuff those peppers, wrap in bacon, DONE.

20131231-142729.jpg That’s my new garbage bowl! Thanks to my hubby 🙂 Love Rachael Ray!

Have leftovers the day after? No problem… here’s a yummy brunch idea:

20131231-142754.jpg Slightly reheat the tenderloin in 30 second increments (as to not turn it into shoe leather, although my mother would take it off your hands).  Cook some eggs, add salsa or whatever your poison is (hot sauce, ketchup, whatever) … and make a sandwich! Josh whipped up some waffles too. What a tasty and relaxing brunch.

To give thanks … part 3

What’s the second best thing about Thanksgiving? LEFTOVERS!

I took a cue from Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman. I was watching her show and she stacked up the most amazing day after Thanksgiving panini. We don’t have a panini press so a hoagie roll had to make do.

I decided to not serve canned cranberries at our fabulous Thanksgiving feast but let’s face it, they are my favorite part of the holiday! With all of the amazing dishes that were made one would think, how do you still love that giggly canned formed crap? How does one not love it?! I used to mix up/confuse cranberries and beets on the reg when I was a kid, I love both though. So no biggie, I saved it for leftover sandwiches; I had to get my fix of this amazing canned product. Bust out all of the containers and top your sandwich as you please. Squish it all down, microwave for a minute and voila! Lunch is ready!!