You’re not dying: you just have diabetes: you can do something about it.

My latest blog search: diabetic cooking. I was hoping to find other adventurous home chefs out there, not people telling me what diabetes is (I already know) or how horrible diabetes is (um, get yourself together).

Here is what I found: “what is diabetes?”, “how to manage diabetes”, “Type 1 vs. Type 2”, “the worst day ever” (that person just learned of their type 2 diabetes), and other BOOOOOOORING blogs. It’s unbelievable that there are people out there posting blogs as if they’re doctors.  A lot of the info they give is incorrect, if I compare it to what Josh’s doctors/dieticians/nutritionists taught us. The last blog was a kicker, the author was pretty much in tears when they learned about having type 2 – they went on to say “I know I’m over weight and I want to see my kids grow but I am so devastated to learn of my diagnoses”. WTF?! You are overweight, you don’t have cancer! Get off your butt and do something about it! They continued complaining about how it’d be sooooooo difficult to change their eating habits. I get it to a certain extent, you’ve been eating fast food for pretty much every meal – it’s convenient, it’s fast, it can be cheap … but at what point is a cheeseburger ranked higher than your own life? I am going to follow up on that blog and see how this person is doing and suggest they follow me – I’m not the health queen by any means but maybe my dishes will help them get closer to either not being insulin dependent (some type 2’s only need a daily pill to maintain sugar levels) or hey, getting rid of diabetes altogether.  I don’t know what they physically look like (i.e. height/weight/body fat) however we all know exercise does a body good.  Even if it’s a 30 minute walk around the block each night.

Please note, I am not writing a “woe is me” post today … yes my husband will have diabetes for the rest of his life but he’s doing something about it. He’s eating right (thanks to MEEEEEE), watching his weight (to make sure he’s not losing any again), and he exercises daily.  He does his insulin routine too, obviously the most important thing to never miss. I just don’t understand why some people think their lives are over when learning about diabetes … put down the quarter pounder and diet coke, pick up a glass of UNSWEET tea (Crystal Light has come a loooooong way) and a grilled chicken sandwich on one of those “thins”, top it with lettuce, cheese, tomato, MUSTARD (no mayo!!). You have just taken your first step to eating better.

I must brag for a moment.  Those of you who can’t stand “skinny people” talking about losing weight, please stop reading. Now.

Since beginning this new cooking adventure I have given random updates about how my health is improving. Just because I’m “skinny” doesn’t mean I’m 100% healthy. I am 5’5″ and weighed 145 in November of 2013; mind you I was down to 130 one month prior. If you look up any height/weight chart, I was in the “large” frame category. SAY WHAT?!! I didn’t look large but I sure felt it – my jeans didn’t fit and I loved living in yoga pants (I literally got upset if I had to wear jeans somewhere). Fast forward to yesterday, I weighed myself at 130. HOORAY! It’s been over a year since I was that number. Over that time I started feeling better (not so tired, lazy, yucky) and my jeans started fitting again – I knew I was losing weight, I’d check every few months to see the results … you can’t check every day or week – dropping weight takes time. I’m not an exercise buff but I am up/moving every day … I really don’t like to sit on my butt, I get antsy watching more than 1 hr of TV.

It’s up to you – keep feeling gross and not like what you see while getting dressed or you can do something about it. Ya won’t lose weight but wallowing in your own pity. My husband and I have discussed this a few times – we’re in a way thankful for his diabetes diagnoses. Do not take that as me wishing anything horrible on him; we realized that our eating/cooking habits needed to change and this was our wake-up call. It’s just unfortunate it came as a life changing event.



fat, dumb, and happy

Yesterday and today we are paying homage to comfort food, foods that remind us of home-home. Typically comfort foods are never the best choice when trying to maintain a healthy diet however there are ways to revamp them.  Look at Paula Deen, her sons are making a fortune with “not my mama’s meals“; genius … because normal people don’t need 3 sticks of butter to make a meal “delicious”.

Josh had his pick of cheeseburger pie, something we had attempted a few months back trying to make a healthier version … it was a failure.  Thankfully this time it turned out fantastic and Josh was mumbling “fat, dumb, and happy” each time he took a bite. So glad “third time’s the charm” didn’t apply, I would have been really bummed if dinner was a tragic event.

Original recipe and then our changes …

  • 1 1/2 lb ground beef (we used ground turkey)
  • 1 diced onion
  • S & P (we used hamburger seasoning… it is a cheeseburger after all!)
  • shredded cheese of choice (we used monterey jack & cheddar)
  • Bisquick (we used a whole wheat baking mix)
    – follow the pancake recipe (we did 11-12), fits perfectly in a 9 inch dish
    – if you want less of a “topping”, make less pancake mix
  • oven at 400; 40 minutes

Follow the pictures so you know what to do:
Since I’d be teaching pretty much straight through the evening, we prepped everything in the morning & stored it in the fridge.  This way when I had my 2 hour window between lessons I could actually sit down and enjoy the meal 🙂 Prep took maybe 30 minutes, not bad! Yes, Josh helped … so once again he was allowed to eat 😉
– if prepping ahead of time: keep pancake mix in a separate bowl from ground meat until ready to cook … add it right before going in the oven.

So looking at the nutrition facts on regular Bisquick vs. whole wheat mix … it’s pretty equal, I see the biggest difference in the w.w. with less fat. Oh and I can actually pronounce all of the ingredients (in the w.w. mix); which we all know is always the better way to go.

**I made Josh eat a salad as well, to help counteract the carbs from the whole wheat mix … while the recipe itself wasn’t 100% diabetic friendly, you can add something like fresh veggies or a salad to make a balanced meal

Everyone in this house is having to learn a new way to eat. Geno is pissed at us because switched him to one of those bowls that is supposed to slow him down.  Needless to say he figured out an easier way to get his food … by flipping the bowl over. *face palm*

TONIGHT: my turn! corn moussaka
 … we’ve been bad this week; I’ll plan some seafood dishes next week to make up for it!