The Almighty Beer Drawer

We bought a fridge.  Our second official “adult” purchase.  A washer & dryer was the first when we moved to San Antonio. Something feels very satisfying with spending over $2000 on such a magnificent household item.  Think about it, a fridge is the glue of each kitchen.  We direct guests to it for ice (or beer 😉 ), we need it to hold a birthday cake, we plan out what dishes will fit while prepping a holiday meal … of course the most important: it has to fit into our daily lives.  We’ve had such a headache in this rental and its horrendous fridge.  After doing a few months of research we’ve been educated as to why this fridge is so small. It’s a counter depth fridge which is actually considered a custom order! WHAT?! A smaller fridge is custom? You got that right, a custom order to the tune of $500-900 MORE than a “normal” fridge!  It was a huge relief because then I knew that no matter what fridge we’d purchase, it would fit everything comfortably without having to create a Tetris pattern of jars and yogurt containers.

We splurged a bit because my parents helped out with the fridge as our 1 year anniversary gift. We’re very thankful and appreciative for that lovely gift.

29 cu. ft. of sleek stainless steel, LED lights, a grab-n-go door, plus the almighty “beer drawer” … don’t forget about the freezer, the door tilts open so THREE slide out bins have easy access (it can hold a pizza!!). Come to mama! The only downside: my magnet collection will be limited to a small square on the left side which can be seen between the counter and cabinet.  This just means I need to hurry up and find a garage fridge (you know, the standard top/bottom fridge/freezer, no ice maker … primarily needed for alcohol and meat … and magnets!).

So why the long rant about my new fridge? Because this means I can plan MONTHLY menus instead of WEEKLY menus … I shop weekly since that’s all the fridge in our rental can hold.  The freezer doesn’t work very well so I’m scared to buy meat in bulk and freeze it for a later date. We have to eat everything before going on another grocery trip. I know, it sounds like a minor world problem but it causes me to be stressed with going to the store every Monday and if my schedule changes last minute: well then, we’re out of dinner for 2 days until I have another “free” day to head to the store. Plus we don’t have room for leftovers, 2 extra containers throws off my entire OCD Tetris set up.

2 more weeks and we’ll be in our new house. Movers come on the 23rd!

Disclaimer to the lack of posts for the last week: I had a sinus infection which means my taste buds were down. I made basic dinners like spaghetti, kielbasa & sauerkraut, etc. Nothing crazy because A) I didn’t feel like cooking and B) Why slave over a delish meal that ends up tasting like cardboard?  I’ll get back to real cooking this week, I’m planning my shopping trip now 🙂