Chef Donna

I started this blog with hopes of informing people that healthy cooking isn’t A) difficult  B) expensive  and C) time consuming. It can also be pretty hilarious when my 3 dogs insist on being sous chefs, literally holding up to the definition of being “under” my supervision, more like under my feet.

My husband was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes late spring 2013.  I’m not even going to offer a link for Type 1 … it’s no longer considered “juvenile diabetes”. My husband (29 y.o.) is the healthiest and most in shape guy I know; he ate properly, ran 6 miles daily, and worked out at least 5x per week.  This Diabetes thing came out of no where. We had no choice but to change our eating routine which ultimately got me learning how to cook proper meals.  I wasn’t a crumby home cook but I had no creativity, week after week it was the same meals going down … maybe switching up sides.

We’re living healthier lives and we feel great each day – no more lack of energy half way through the day.  Dinners are filling but we don’t feel gross afterwards; going back for seconds is actually welcomed.  Not to mention, I’ve really improved our food budget with shopping every Monday and only buying meals for the week. Food isn’t going to waste anymore either.

Oh hello, for you non-Diabetes folks out there – you’ll lose weight! I’ve reaped the benefits and have lost almost 10lbs since changing our diets. For you Diabetes folks, your sugars will be steady and your doctor will be so happy with your results. Just do it: change your diet, stop complaining, don’t think taking more insulin but still eating fast food crap is okay, and choose a better life for yourself (and your family!).

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