a buffet of pictures

I haven’t had the urge to really write but I wanted to update with pictures … let y’all see what’s getting devoured in this house. Enjoy!

cobb salad – Greek inspired ingredients

The almighty dessert I was telling you about! 
IMG_7069  While it’s not a healthy option, indulging every once in a while is okay.  I used half the amount of butter and dark chocolate chips (dark chocolate is actually allowed and preferred for diabetics). Cutting and swapping items can be beneficial and maybe make you feel not SO bad for scarfing this treat down.


IMG_7062 IMG_7063
yummy cucumber and apple salad with pesto salmon


The next 2 recipes are from this week:

Who doesn’t love Sandra Lee? This panini was so easy to make! Use a George Foreman if you don’t have a panini maker… or 2 skillets… squish that sucker down and dinner’s ready!


I took a recipe from a friend and revamped it for what was in my fridge.  We brought home brisket from a baby shower and wasn’t sure what to do with all of it, decided to swap out a few ingredients from the original and BOOM – dinner was created! Brisket topped with queso fresco topped with salsa and corn bread on the side.



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