Alert the Media…

… I’m going to make dessert one night this week.

Hubby has been out of town for a few days and he has to pick up a new flight this week so he deserves a special treat. I’m definitely cutting the recipe in half to limit us from taking seconds. I’m so excited about it because it doesn’t call for any real baking, lol! That’s my kind of dessert! I’m just not a fan of measuring; I love creating dinners where I can add whatever (well, almost) ingredients I want. I can at least control the level of flavors. Baking is too precise for me, I ain’t got time for that 😉

Here’s my menu for the week:

Monday – pizza leftovers
I created a roasted red pepper, mushroom, smoked sausage, provolone cheese slices, and BBQ sauce pizza… I prepped plenty of toppings so I can just whip up a pizza anytime. It’s easier to do this than reheat old pizza; the crust is fresh and the toppings won’t be soggy.

Tuesday – slow cooker stuffed peppers
I teach from 5-8 so no time to cook. Hubby will probably work in the evening to greet his new trainees… This is a ‘serve yourself’ dinner.

Wednesday – grilled Greek summer salad
I saw this on The Kitchen this morning & fell in love! If hubby has to work then I’ll just bust out my George Foreman.

Thursday – pest salmon filets & smashed cucumber + apple salad
I was trolling The Kitchen’s website and found this yummy recipe. It’s been a while since we’ve had salmon so why not.

Friday – hot dogs, corn on the cob, and asparagus + the surprise dessert!!
Um, the title speaks for itself.

Tune back in next Sunday to see the creations and get the recipes!


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