Go ahead, judge my cart!

I’m baaaaaack … with new recipes too!

Let me start with an inspiring story first – while grocery shopping last week an older man in a wheelchair (one of those motorized ones with a basket) stopped me in the produce section and asked for my help. At first I thought he just needed me to reach something for him but then he informed me that he figured I was a good person to ask about eating healthy considering my cart had no junk in it and I’m skinny. His back story, he was a bit overweight and went into the ER for shortness of breath, found out he was experiencing congestive heart failure also tested for pre-type 2 diabetes, ended up staying in the ER for a week. So wow, right? He then handed me the grocery list his daughter made for him apparently food suggested by his doctor – it was a good start but not informative; he literally had what the doctor suggested (individual items, nothing that made a meal), this man honestly didn’t know what to look for on nutrition labels… this is where I proved useful. I gave him my back story, really my husband’s; then I helped him put together healthy lunches and snack options. Of course I suggested my blog for dinner recipes 🙂 I told him to find a nutritionist or a dietitian with his doctor’s office so he can be educated on what to buy because eating lettuce wrapped sandwiches is going to get old real fast; he needs to know how to grocery shop. I gave him a little pep talk but also warned him that my first shopping trip was 2 hours after reading all of the labels; he understood it’d be a learning process.

I give credit to this guy for taking action on wanting to become a healthier version of himself. He had a fantastic sense of humor and I could tell that he loved his family, it scared him to be in the ER for that long. So after swapping out orange juice (his orange juice was like my husband’s Kool-Aid; multiple gallons each week) for the Crystal Light squeeze packs we continued with a few other items and I introduced him to bread thins – his daughter told him ‘no carbs’ so I let him know our brains need some type of carbs, just don’t go eating an entire loaf of Italian bread with your spaghetti 😉 Everything in moderation.

I’m not looking to change people’s lives but it felt great to help that man (he gave me permission to write about our meeting). It also proves that people really do judge your cart, ha! Take a minute and judge your cart; is it full of junk? If so, what can you swap out? I challenge you to swap out at least 5 items for a healthier version (i.e. white bread for whole grain thins; or fatty ground beef for lean ground turkey). Eventually you’ll go straight to the new version and never look back!


Ok, my recipes for the last week!


Panko/paprika/s&p baked chicken with cheesy rotini & peas (left the bacon out)


tortilla chicken casserole (I marinated chicken breasts OVER NIGHT with Fiesta chicken rub)


Sirloin burger (a tasty cheat!) with red/green peppers & onions + Worcestershire + dijon mixed in; topped with guac + tomato + cheddar


chicken Parmesan + spaghetti


Philly cheesesteaks + veggie salad (grape tomato, corn, ice burg + dijon/EVOO/s&p)
— there were supposed to be red pepers on that cheesesteak however upon taking the “lid” of 2 peppers I had purchased, I was greeted with:
If you see this the pepper is moldy! Even if the pepper doesn’t look moldy, the bacteria is already there – don’t just slice out the seeds and then eat the pepper… YUCK!

Also a reason as to why you should save receipts, the peppers were purchased 1 day prior which means they were already bad in the store; fresh produce typically lasts for a week if stored properly (by the store & by you).






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