You can’t outsmart a bad diet …

With the help of social media I get to stalk everyone’s food photos … it’s interesting to see different perspectives of “healthy”. I put quotations on that word because the attempt of eating healthy is there but the amount of food in some pictures makes me sick.

I applaud those who have begun their own journey to a better lifestyle but we must remember that MODERATION IS KEY. That phrase doesn’t pertain only to junk to food; just because you cook lean ground turkey doesn’t mean you should eat 1lb of it (per serving … you think I’m joking but I’ve seen it!).


Since starting my cooking adventures a year ago I definitely think the serving suggestions are a bit off in some cook books however that doesn’t mean you should cook quadruple and then eat all of it! I stick to 6 servings for the 2 of us, we’re starting to have more leftovers which is perfect for weekends when I don’t cook … I eat 1 serving of the entree plus sides and Josh will eat 2 or 3, but he walks 12 miles a day. Let me repeat that TWELVE MILES EVERY DAY! Don’t believe me? He did a step counter. So if you are using that much energy then yes, you need to replenish your body but if you’re still a couch potato and don’t care for exercise then you have to still watch what you eat.

Not only will you lose weight with eating less food your wallet will start to thank you … eating less means buying less! Take the first step and cut out snacking, you will see that grocery bill drop significantly. We snacked for a few weeks and saw the bill go up about $30 (that’s $60 over 2 weeks… cut it out and hello, that’s a savings of $120 PER MONTH), I got tired of that real quick.  FYI we were buying ‘non junk food’ snacks too – quinoa/flax seed chips and organic veggie dips … but with snacking meant us keeping the couch warm. My opinion is to cut it out completely because snacking brings on laziness.

Being healthy takes work but it’s totally doable … it’s a change you’ll be thankful for in multiple ways.


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