It’s the bomb dot com. Ya dig?!

I felt the need to post ASAP. I could not lose this moment of happiness that I’m experiencing while basking in the amazement of dinner tonight. It was seriously that good.

It made me dance. Not any dance… The salsa commenced upon my first bite into the best fish tacos I’ve ever made. Martha Stewart, step aside sista!! I followed what I’ve learned along the way, salt/pepper/lime. Done. There’s more… Avocado soaked in salt and lime juice. Amaze. One more… PICKLED ONIONS. Martha can come back in now – I used her recipe. No canning skills needed. I’m forcing myself to not go back for more and save some for Josh. Thankfully we have plenty of vegan desserts to hold me over (that is a whole ‘nother post).

Ok, calm down Donna… Pull it together and finish this post.

Do it right: tortilla, slices of avocado (sprinkle salt/squeeze a one wedge) layer 2 hunks of fish (stove cooked, s/p/lime), pickled onions, cilantro, more avocado chunks. EAT!

I also baked corn on the cob. Smother it on butter, s/p that baby, add parsley, and wrap in foil. Set your oven on 350 and a timer for 30 min.

And that folks, is how the most amazing dinner is made. BOOM.

I should probably note what fish I used… It’s not super fishy, it’s thick and reminds me of chicken tenders (not the taste, the texture). Mahi Mahi! HEB is awesome and had little steaks in the frozen section and you know what, they were so good. Cheaper than fresh! I’m not gonna complain. My house didn’t even stink 🙂 If you’re not a fish fan, try shrimp or beef!!!






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