Cuddles in the kitchen

Well thank goodness this weather is insane because I am airing out my house with windows wide open, from yesterdays french onion soup adventure.  Just a friendly reminder, it was 30 degrees yesterday and most of the city was shut down with icy roads … except by noon everything was clear and roads were completely dry. So there’s that bizarre turn of events.

For some reason I had this notion that french onion soup was incredibly difficult to make.  What the heck was I thinking? It’s beyond easy!  Get yourself a mandolin to make 2 lbs of slicing onions go by in the matter of minutes; I prepped everything earlier in the day so I could come home from teaching and just start cooking.  “EVERYTHING” consisted of 2 lbs of onions for the soup and six mini ham and cheese melts, I’ve made these sandwiches before … super easy and I’ll post instructions again.


How beautiful is that mound of onions? Yeah well it was pretty stinky and man did it linger! Oh can we talk about how impressed I am with Walmart because I was able to find Gruyere cheese … what?! I know! I almost settled for Gouda but when I ran intro the Gruyere, I did a little happy dance.  Broth, wine, Worcestershire, and balsamic vinegar – that’s it.  I didn’t have the sprigs of herbs the recipe called for so I just sprinkled in parsley flakes and tossed in 1 bay leaf (I didn’t have Thyme). Tasted fine to us!

IMG_5247 IMG_5248

After boiling and simmering the soup for close to an hour, in to the oven/broiler it went. I found these cute oven safe mugs at Walmart too, perfectly sized for the right amount of soup. Geno helped me make sure the cheese didn’t catch fire, he’s such a good helper! Really, any reason to cuddle and that dog is there first in line. McLane wanted in but he’s too big to fit in my lap 😉 .

Everything turned out perfect and I was so happy with the soup. I will absolutely make it again.  I must remember to add more salt A) while the onions are caramelizing and B) when all of the liquids have been poured. It wasn’t bland but a bit more salt would have been nice.  I do need to give a shout out to my husband though – I typically don’t cook on Friday’s but he promised to help if it meant having french onion soup.  He held up his end of the deal so I kind of had to feed him. He’s the best.

In the end, I shouldn’t have been so skeptical of this making soup … I’ve made much more labor intensive soups before so honestly this recipe was for a rookie. Impress your family, they’ll think you slaved over the stove all day. 100% classic comfort food for a cold day, perfection!


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