One is the loneliest number

And that’s how many meals I cooked this week: ONE. Don’t you just love leftovers? I told you I had pulled pork for days!

What was the honorable dish that got me to cook? PIZZA!!!  I ended up going to the grocery store and picked up ingredients for 4 dinners and I’ve gotten around to 1; pretty sad. I’d have to say that since I didn’t cook much I was really looking forward to homemade pizzas.  I did the individual pizzas a few months back and kept those pretty basic (green peppers, olives, sausage, etc.).  This time around I went gourmet.   If you live in San Antonio (or Dallas) then you know about Dough: a very pricey but incredibly delish pizza restaurant.  Plus I’ve mentioned the place in a few other blog-posts, so yeah there’s that too. Anywhoooooo … I took inspiration from their pizzas and created our own mozzarella/prosciutto/sun-dried tomato/artichoke, sensational pizza. I cheated and purchased 2 pre-made flat-bread crusts.  Really it’s not a cheat, I mean who honestly has time to make dough after working a full day?  If you’re raising your hand, screaming “I do, I do!” then come over to my house and cook for me.

IMG_5159 IMG_5160 IMG_5161

Prep + cooking time = 30 minutes.  So it’s your call … order take out and spend close to $40 for 2 pizzas like this (and hopefully it arrives in 30 min), or buy it yourself and have a fun evening (adult beverages totally optional but suggested 😉 ).  So you don’t spend $40 on ingredients at the store, check prices first.  There was quite the price range with a few of the items (mozzarella, artichokes, and dough); for example the organic artichokes were close to $7 but I found this brand for only $3… take some time and do your searching, it’ll save you $$ in the end. Unless then again you don’t care, come to my house and you can do the shopping too (on your dime though!). What a treat that would be … free food and a free chef! If only …

I’m now going to order a pizza stone from Pampered Chef … I’d like to have regular pizza nights. They’re fun (hubby helps out!), easy to put together, and really an endless amount of options. I’m just mad because about a year ago my mom asked if I wanted her pizza stone and my answer was “No, we don’t have a freezer that can hold pizzas” (yet another dilemma from that horrid rental house). Oh well.

Mexican stuffed peppers, stuffed jalapenos, and Thai beef rolls for football Sunday. I’m so excited for today! The first 2 are my creations and the last is Chelsea’s … I’ll post tomorrow (hooray for a 3 day weekend … obviously no hooray for why).


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