Calling all sous chefs …

3 new recipes hit outta the ball park … all keepers!  One was inspired by my weekly blog snooping and the other two by my usual weekend activity of watching the Food Network.  See, good things can come from being lazy 😉

Tuesday’s dinner was so flavorful that we went back for seconds … we got through a half of (a second) burger each – tsk tsk, I know – but they were sooooo good! Make them and I dare you to not want a second one. They are easy to make by hand, no device needed to help you like the Stufz.  My husband saw it on a commercial and suggested it as a gizmo that I’d like, I bought it for him (for me) as a Christmas gift.  Basically it was a waste of $10 and took more time to figure out the contraption than it took for me to form 4 patties by hand.  It’s not hard to use but it’s not a non-stick surface, the meat is impossible to deal with! Don’t buy it. 

Image Image

Oh, the side! How did I forgot about the side dish? I guess it’s 4 new recipes then 🙂  As much as I think Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show is silly, she had Art Smith as a guest and cooked up his delish garlic-cheesy mashed cauliflower. I added too much garlic (is there really such a thing as ‘too much garlic’?) but other than that it was so creamy.

I haven’t cooked with ground beef in quite some time and I noticed a smell … a distinct odor … that lingered around the kitchen and my hands. Blech. I never realized how much it stinks but now that we’ve pretty much cut it from our diet, my Spidey Scenses do not like it. The sous chefs, did however. They came running from each corner of the house to investigate what their noses were picking up.

Maybe it’s not the bigger kitchen/house that’s keeping them out from under my feet … could it be that I’ve stopped using ground beef so they aren’t interested in the dropped food anymore?

Wednesday’s dinner: chicken wings and onion rings.  I was craving a “bar food” night sans grease and belly aches … these two recipes were dlish, healthy, and cheap! Geeze, now it’s up to 5 recipes … I can’t keep anything straight! The week went by too fast for me to even keep up with what I cooked. Anyway, I marinated the wings for a few hours prior to baking so when it came time to prep the onion rings I only had to focus on one thing.  This meal couldn’t have been any easier: hot sauce, honey (for the wings), panko, Old Bay, s/p … dinner’s ready! The onion rings are a bit labor intensive but so worth it; nothing difficult but they do take time.

Yes you are seeing that bottom picture correctly … that is a packet of mayo from Chick-Fil-A, haha! The tangy cheese dipping sauce for the wings called for 2 TBSP of mayo and we don’t eat that anymore, so where do you buy 2 TBSP of mayo? A fast food restaurant, of course! And by “buy”, I mean treat yourself to a yummy lunch and pick up a mayo packet on the way out. That was the most expensive packet of mayo at $7.07 that day 😉

Still love my Pampered Chef dredging station … 1: flour  2. egg/milk/flour mixture  3. panko/Old Bay;S/P – bake and plate. Now enjoy!

Thursday was a night I’ve been waiting for, a one-pot-meal: Mini meatball sandwiches. Thank you Ree Drummond – you fabulous Pioneer Woman, you.  Not only is it a one pot meal it also took under 30 minutes, bing bang boom – DONE! I used ground turkey instead and finished off the sausages that were called for with the stuffed burgers.  Once again the sous chefs came running. Honestly, I don’t understand why the stink of groud beef is so delightful to dogs 😉

On top of that, I got my husband to help me! Man, maybe I do need to switch back to ground beef, lol!

Actually, he was starving so I said “I’m so glad you’re offering to help”… and cue his eye rolls. I didn’t want the stench on my hands again so it worked perfectly.

Image Image

It was quite nice, let the meatballs cook for 20 minutes while I relaxed. What a fantastic dinner idea; perfect for parties too – a few bites is the rule for party/finger food. We had plenty left over so by the time you’re finished reading this blog post, I’ll have scarfed down a few sandwiches as a much deserved late lunch.



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