veggie tails

Another lasagna in the books … very different from any I’ve ever made before. 

This one had a cottage cheese filling/sauce so how could I say ‘no’ to Josh’s favorite snack item? Cottage cheese is a great super food for diabetics. He eats it by the container which grossed me out at first but now I know to buy it weekly.  I’ve taken a liking to it as well. 

This is the second recipe I’ve made that called for cottage cheese as a major ingredient, if you remember Moussaka … (something passed down from my mom).  

Okay this lasagna is so easy, Josh helped cook the veggies while I boiled the noodles & chopped different ingredients. I’m telling you, a duo is really helpful when trying to rush dinner and have it finished by the time friends arrive *permanently* from Vegas.  Our friends finally arrived last night after a horrendous 3 day drive – we’re talking 3 blown tires on a Uhaul along stretches of highway where there weren’t any exits in sight.  As soon as they walked in the door, a beer met their hands in minutes. We treat our guests right.  So they’re staying with us until they find a super hip loft in downtown SA. We love having them here!!!! 

Almost step by step pictures:

Image Image


Have to throw in a photo of Sous Chef Geno … so cute sticking his tongue out 🙂

Image Image


Poor Mickey was so confused with the hustle & bustle happening in the kitchen.

Since none of my casserole dishes are big enough, we actually had extra ingredients to make not only the large lasagna you see in the pictures but also a small meatloaf size lasagna.  I think it’s time I have a sufficient casserole dish that can hold a bit more.


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