PSA: restaurant portion control

I love going to check out the progress of our new house, for the obvious reasons of course but my favorite part is when we go out for drinks and a mini date night (or date lunch, sans drinks).  It’s not often that Josh and I have an evening off together where we can actually sit down for a relaxed meal.



I believe all construction related things are supposed to be finished by Oct 17 (appliances go in after that) and then it’s permit time … we’re really crossing our fingers Nov 20 is a firm closing date. With the government shut down though, our loan is in limbo.

Before I go off on a ‘shut down’ rant … back to the date nights that I look forward to.

We’d been craving Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar. I know, so cheesy but we love salads and grocery stores out here (and in Vegas) do not have salad bars! I remember one night in Vegas we went to 5 grocery stores (different companies) to see if anyone had salad bars. I kid you not, one employee looked at me in serious confusion then offered I take a number at the deli counter and order a pasta salad. WHAT?!  Yes Vegas has the most buffets on the planet but we didn’t feel like going into a casino for a salad.  Never found a salad bar, not even a “Chop’t” type place, we ended up buying prepacked plastic box salads. Blah.

Now on to San Antonio, at least there are Souper Salads out here but still no grocery stores with salad bars. What’s the deal? Is it an East Coast thing with Giant (in Virginia)? I lived on salad bars while teaching; it got me out of my classroom and was much better than my usual frozen meal choice.

So last night we got our salad bar fix. I also ordered broccoli and cheese soup – for something that probably came from a large bucket, it was actually pretty tasty with huge chunks of broccoli! If you’ve worked in restaurants, you know how food comes shipped and it’s often times not a pretty sight.  Josh also ordered their hickory bbq chicken breast with spaghetti squash.  It was one of those “under 400 cal.” meals so we expected a crappy presentation (truth) but he said the bbq sauce had a nice kick to it, surprisingly.  I’ve never had spaghetti squash but now I’m a believer; I want to make it and see how it’ll turn out.  We each made 2 trips to the salad bar and I think we’ll be content for a while.  The only disappointment: the 2 cold salads that are offered, were disgusting.  The pasta salad had WAY too much pepper added and the potatoes in the potato salad were not cooked/done, they were like hard sponges.  The sauces had zero flavor and were too soupy, almost watered down as if to make it go further.

After a night out for dinner, we didn’t feel gross from eating 2-4x the amount of serving sizes that restaurants pile your plate with… did you know nutritionists say to divide each item on your plate in half, ask for a box RIGHT AWAY, and get the extra food off of your plate?  Now you can continue to enjoy your meal with the proper portions. Yeah, you shouldn’t be eating EVERYTHING on your plate … take the box home and enjoy it for lunch the next day (not a late night snack!).

That’s my public service announcement from this diabetic house. You’re welcome!


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