lesson learned

Tuesday: I had good intentions for a steak and sweep potato dinner. Those good intentions quickly went up in smoke. Literally.  I don’t know why I thought broiling everything was a brilliant idea. We have been holding out on refilling the (grill) propane tank with our move fast approaching.  We can move it ourselves but our new home has a gas line out to the patio so our thought process was ‘why pay for propane when we’ll be paying for a gas line to be installed’ … of course the close date has been pushed back 2x already. As I hang my head in shame, I managed to burn perfectly good steaks and sweet potatoes.


Sure, the potatoes look ok – we scrapped the charred layer off which was almost impossible. I just had to add more spices before mixing them with the butter.  That steak photo was taken the 1st time they came out of the oven.  I cut in to my steak and it was more than moo-ing. Now, I love a medium rare steak but this was TOO RARE. Back in the oven they go … womp womp womp.  Josh noticed smoke billowing from the oven door and barely saved the steaks. They weren’t completely burned but they had gone past the medium rare state. Ugh. The smoke was due to the juices from the steak I cut in to.  It’s fair to say, if something it supposed to be grilled … DO IT. Go refill your propane tank and cook things properly. Lesson learned.


Fortunately the other dinners for the week turned out GREAT.

Monday: Kielbasa & glazed carrots


Due to the diabetes in our house, I used ‘fake’ butter and Stevia instead of real sugar.

Sass up your salad: add craisins, croutons, and blue cheese crumbles (left over from my Carl’s Jr creation!)

Saturday: make your own chicken tenders, sweet p fries, and sweet corn/pepper combo


Tenders & fries are free foods for Josh so I picked up this new frozen corn product (corn: bad food!). It was actually pretty good; the peppers added a fresh flavor to cut through the sweet corn.

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing frozen. If it’s what you have time for, some type of veggie is better than none at all.  If you’re health conscious, check the back label to make sure the product fits into your lifestyle.  I’m not buying the cheese covered broccoli anymore or slimy sauce covered noddles (sorry Lipton… we used to be BFF’s!); that’s the nasty stuff.  There are diabetics out there that will continue to eat those things and just take more insulin to compensate. WRONG. 1 small spoonful is all Josh could eat of those Lipton noodles. Who eats 1 spoonful of them? They’re addictive!   Just change your diet, it’s so much easier to cook “healthy” than have to calculate how many units of insulin you’ll need to cancel out the sugars.

2 thoughts on “lesson learned

  1. I love cooking steak in the oven, but the trick I’ve learned is browning it a few minutes on both sides on the stove top first and then sticking the whole pan into a preheated oven. Of course, the pan you use has to be oven-safe (like a cast iron or all metal one) and it takes a little more effort than just being about to broil and forget it!

    Also amazing in the broiler– lobster tails! When on sale, of course (which might be more often here in Miami!) http://allrecipes.com/recipe/broiled-lobster-tails/

  2. Duly noted 🙂 . A cast iron skillet is next on my “big kid purchase” list. Lobster tails sounds amazing, that might be something I try when my family visits for Christmas.

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