Mom’s always know best

As simple as a spaghetti bake might sound, it took a bit of effort.  I don’t know how the end result turned out in Bobby Dean’s kitchen however mine came out the complete opposite of a “bake”.  I could have skipped the oven portion altogether and considering we were starving, that wouldn’t have been so bad for our grumbling stomachs.

IMG_3668   IMG_3669

I followed the instructions carefully, being it was the first time making the dish. Everything was going fine until I added the crushed tomatoes, they had to simmer for 15 minutes to reduce and thicken, but neither happened in that time (I even turned up the heat half way through realizing there was no change in the sauce).  I added the spaghetti and let it marinate thinking maybe the noodles would absorb some of the sauce … nothing.  So into the casserole dish everything went, baked for 25 minutes; yeah the cheese was bubbly and melted to perfection but the spaghetti was still soupy 😦 Overall, the flavors were perfect but I have to figure out a way to improve the recipe … maybe search for a video of Bobby Dean making it (I’d like to see the end product, maybe it’s supposed to be soupy).  It’s originally his mom’s recipe but he revamped it and cut about 1/2 the calories.


Oh, a major whoopsie-oopie was using a small skillet. I forgot about the crushed tomatoes when thinking which pan to use. Fortunately the spaghetti pot was empty so I transferred everything.

IMG_3640IMG_3666 << couldn’t find chicken sausage so I used pork instead

Bobby’s recipe  << 15 minutes stove top cooking time … not enough for a sauce to reduce.

Paula’s recipe << longer stove top cooking time … BOOM. There’s the answer.

Clearly, longer cooking time has nothing to do with calories so that will be something I change next time.  I’ll follow Paula’s steps but Bobby’s ingredients (really there isn’t much difference in those either). I like the way she layers everything, rather than mixing it together. Duly noted!

I know it’s something we don’t like to admit …

IMG_3663[1]  … but mom’s always know best.




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