au naturale scentsy

2 short hours in the slow cooker and my house smells like an authentic BBQ joint.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my new Scentsy products but they are such a tease because even though my house will smell like fresh baked cinnamon buns, I know there aren’t any waiting in my oven. Where’s that baker I hired, sheesh? I kid, I kid.

IMG_3615  IMG_3616

Now I have to wait 6 more hours to enjoy dinner. Ugh!

Monday’s cheeseburger pie turned out fantastic as usual. Since it’s entered my life 3 years ago I’ve forgotten how strange it sounds to those who don’t know about it.  While I teaching Skype lessons last night, Josh asked if he could have the cheeseburger pie leftovers… my student started smiling and goes “Um, can I ask a qestion?” <sure, go ahead> “What’s a cheeseburger pie?” lol… it made me chuckle.


I on the other hand couldn’t believe Josh was asking for MORE food, after having doubles of kielbasa & cabbage and mashed p’s, I thought for sure he was full.

IMG_3606 IMG_3607

Originally I made the kielbasa & cabbage dish as a side for Thanksgiving 3 years ago; I’m not a huge fan of turkey and since I was hosting, I got to prepare the menu to my liking (don’t worry, I still made a dumb turkey).  I tweak it a bit each time, adding more Old Bay or Worcestershire sauce; using a different sausage; red vs. white vs. yellow onions; etc.  This time around I used yellow onions to add a bit of sweetness, red and “regular” cabbage for color, kept the almighty Polish kielbasa, added a lot of Worcestershire, and just a dash of Old Bay. Since I ate first, I made the flavors to my desire and Josh added even more (w.shire & o.b.) when he reheated his dinner. He could probably eat spoonfuls of Old Bay … I wonder if there is a challenge like that.

P.S. This is a 1 pot dish … easy clean up 🙂 Maybe 7 minutes prep (chopping the cabbage and onions) … Cook that combo for 10 minutes; add the kielbasa for 20 minutes … finished!

Insty mashed p’s take 5 minutes.

Complete meal in 30 minutes. Hello!


What did your recipes look like prior to Pinterest? I need to organize this hot mess in to a binder.



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