dinnertime, harch!

IMG_3420  <yes sir!>

Super quick update about Thursday’s dinner … Mediterranean Chicken Casserole

Incredibly easy, takes little time to prep, takes little time to cook, and it’s tasty!
I make it a point to read reviews on new recipes just in case there was something that surprised others; most reported the chicken was tasteless and after checking the recipe again, no wonder – there’s nothing you do to the chicken while it’s cooking. Some suggested more s & p, others said onions or garlic … I added the last 2 (red onion & garlic to be exact) figuring s & p is too common. The chicken turned out great and had very good flavor.  You could also cook the orzo in chicken broth instead of water but I didn’t have any on hand.


Side note about orzo – yes is can be pricy. I went with the basic Barilla brand and honestly I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to tell you if I had the $8 box or $3 box. Get the cheaper stuff, no one is going to hunt you down for pinching a few pennies.


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