it’s getting cheaper!

My grocery lists are getting shorter & shorter … not because I’m cooking less … because my pantry keeps growing! It’s actually exciting since I typically forget to buy ingredients (even if they’re on my list … the blonde hair interferes sometimes), anyway, this means there are less things for me to forget 🙂  Oh hello … it’s also getting cheaper! Duh, how could I not mention the saving money part.

Tasty meals don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you put a little effort in to a dish, people will love it!  My $9 homemade dish (4 servings BTW) looks way more appealing than that $14 frozen lasagna (package says 6 servings but really maybe a mouse could enjoy it).

So once again Sunday has found itself into my life and I need to come up with my weekly menu. It’s been a treat the last few days with our friend Chelsea in town however after we dropped her off at the airport I instantly realized I have to go back to reality and plan 5 dinners 😦  No more sitting around and drinking wine all day while catching up on life.  Plus she is an amazing picture-taker for my blog – who will capture everything?!  She was snapping away yesterday while we joined forces and cooked shrimp burgers. I’ll blog about those tomorrow when I am “in the zone” to write.

I’ll leave you with a preview for this week… Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Josh will home for dinner; Tuesday will be reheated but Thursday I’ll cook his meal when I get the “on my way” text.

Cheeseburger Pie + salad

Kielbasa & cabbage + mashed p’s

Slow cooker ribs + corn + baby red p’s

Baked chicken breasts (seasoning TBD) + maple dill carrots

Bake spaghetti

Bonus: Sunday finger food – pizza balls


While I don’t have any photos to update you on our house, all of the drywall is up & texture has been sprayed (I hate it but it’s popular out here and believe it or not, it costs MORE for you to ask them NOT to do it. WHAT?!) So I’m off from my school on Monday & Tuesday which means I get to start packing chachki’s. Let our 1 month count down begin! AGH!!


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