Somebody call Kenny Loggins…

After raining every day last week the weekend brought cooler temps, down to 83! Windows were open & AC was turned off; it was fantastic. Although it went right back up to 94 yesterday… boo.  I knew the mid-80’s wouldn’t last forever but in hindsight, I know it’ll NEVER snow. I was quickly reminded how the rest of the country is actually experiencing fall, my SIL woke up to a brisk 38 degrees the other day. No thank you!  We’re nearing our one year mark since moving to S.A. and even in November, the temps were all other the place… one day 90 the next 70. No snow though 😉 .

The highlights of our weekend

yummy cocktails to celebrate a date night & the fact that about 75% of the drywall was put up in our new home
(Cheesecake Factory on Friday)
THE BEST FOOD EVER from Arcade Midtown Kitchen (Sunday)
(chicken and waffles, HELLO!; calamari; lobster stuffed crepe)

Josh had a cooking experiment trying to toast almonds and season them with Old Bay. Upon tasting his “creation” his exact words were “I’m pretty much a chef extraordinaire”. This folks, is how I know I can literally cook ANYTHING for dinner and he’d be happy. He’s a simple guy!

The weekend would have been better if the Steelers had wanted a “W” … anyway, moving on.

I let y’all in on my weekly menu ahead of time … I know of one person who tried the Chicken Casserole, she sent a pic and it turned out great! I hadn’t eaten dinner yet when she sent it so I was super jealous.  Who doesn’t love a 1 or 2 dirty dish recipe?! I think it makes a meal taste that much better knowing you don’t have a mega clean up waiting in the kitchen.

Monday was a delish repeat; I plated it differently so with eat bite you’d get a little of everything … I had to make mashed p’s instead because I forgot that the last box of stuffing I purchased was only 1 serving. Whoopsie-bears! So I added Feta cheese into the mashed p’s to contrast the sweet cherry/rhubarb sauce: super yummy success!


Another switch-er-roo for those steak pitas … I dunno, I got bored with the idea of going Greek again so after a quick search I found a tasty recipe for Thai Steak Wraps.  Yes, there are a lot of ingredients but remember what I told you waaaaaay back when – once you start cooking more, you’ll acquire spices and will be able to cook almost anything!

IMG_3417 IMG_3418
Add a salad and you’ve got a complete meal! Quick note about salads, we were getting tired of the same ol’ salad each night so I bought different lettuce (we’d been on a spring greens and spinach kick but were so over it) … more toppings too: craisins, croutons, sliced cucumbers & tomatoes differently (yes, this counts as a change!), plenty of cheeses to choose from as well. Same side dish but just mixed it up a bit; think of it like a “make your own frozen yogurt bar” … set it up like a buffet and pick what you want. Kids might be more eager to eat a salad if … they helped make it!

Poor Ella, she has no idea …


that she’s in THE DANGER ZONE! (courtesy of Josh, gave me a good laugh after a long day of teaching/lessons)
If you don’t understand, your loss.


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