the week ahead

I couldn’t resist a post; I decided to give you a sneak peak of this week’s menu … this is what I do every weekend. I look through my recipes and read other blogs for inspiration. Josh is at work so I have a few hours of quiet time to get my planning done. I’ve officially stopped asking him what he wants because I’d get the same answer each time, “I don’t know”.  He’ll eat whatever I put out on the table, I am incredibly blessed to be married to the least pickiest guy around. Sometimes he’ll have a request and since that’s pretty rare, I don’t mind adding it to the weekly mix of things.

Pork chops with a cherry and rhubarb sauce; stuffing; salad

steak pitas; salad

Wednesday NEW
Mediterranean chicken casserole

slow cooker enchilada

Friday or Saturday NEW
Shrimp burgers; corn on the cob

We’ll have a special guest for the weekend hence the special shrimp burgers. She is a vegetarian and I do like to cater to my guests however it’s not that big of a change up for us; we’ve really incorporated vegetarian dishes into our lives (not that you can tell by this week’s menu 😉 ). Anyway, whatever night Josh has to work late, myself and the guest will go out for dinner; the night he’s home we’ll have a family dinner. I actually can’t wait for her to visit because just few weeks after that her and her boyfriend will be in S.A. permanently! Well, “Air Force permanent” which equals 4 years. I’ll take it; we met them in Vegas and it was hard to leave what we considered, our second family. You know Josh and I are so excited, ‘cuz we’ll be reunited … I dedicate this to C.M. & C.I. ❤


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