easy, peasy, pizzaiola squeezy

Just the other day we spent over $80 on dog items. A raised food/water stand for McLane, 50 lbs food container on wheels, and a MircoDry mat for Geno. This is why we don’t have kids … they’d come second to the dogs 😉 !  We realized McLane was really struggling to eat lately, he’s gotten quite tall so we looked into raised food stands. Best decision ever. He seems to be happier with it (and he’s not as gassy!!!). I wonder if Josh would benefit from a raised food stand (love you babe!).

Anyway, on to dinner from Wednesday. Individual pizzas on “ciabatta” bread … I added the ” marks because out of 3 grocery stores not having it, I purchased rolls and had Josh cut them in half.  With his help we got dinner ready pretty fast, I was pleased with the turnout.  If you’re short on fresh herbs, go for the dried stuff.  Yes I know, the flavor isn’t as strong but I go grocery shopping every Monday for the entire week and I don’t see the herbs staying fresh (I’ve tried, they go bad in a few days… minus cilantro, that stuff seems to last forever). So I used my dried basil for this dish (I mixed it in while the steak and tomatoes marinated), it worked just fine.  A tweak for next time, I’d cut the steaks thinner … the strips were perfect lengths but the thickness was too much to chew.

IMG_3391 IMG_3392

I am absolutely keeping this recipe in rotation. You could use chicken or sausage, or stick to veggies: onions, peppers, etc. It’s a pizza, do what you want! This is a fantastic dish for kids to help with, they’ll be eager to eat knowing they made it; especially with new foods.

I’m starting to gather dish ideas to prepare for our house warming in a few months … this will be one of them. Here’s how I plan on making it a true finger food: cut the bread into small squares, top each piece with tomatoes and sliced Italian sausage, sprinkle on cheese… done! It’s great because it can be eaten right out of the broiler or at room temp.

Last night was the yummy shrimp/quinoa dish. I cooked the shrimp on my stove; Josh worked late so I prepared our dinners separately.

Tonight is date night 🙂 and I take weekends off … so no post until Wednesday when my morning is free. Go make your own delish creation and tell me about it! Leave it in the comment section so we can all learn a new recipe!


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