More crunchy onions please!

Monday will go down in history. For the first time in a loooooooooong time, we had leftovers.  We.  Had.  Leftovers. Leftovers from a vegetarian dish. Say what?! That’s right, something so simple as peppers, onions, eggs, and quinoa filled us both to the brim.  Now I see why it’s a popular dish during Passover; it’ll hold you over while fasting, that’s for sure.  Maybe you’ve heard of “eggs in purgatory” or the ethnic dish Shakshuka. Typically you’d serve it over brown rice but quinoa is our grain-like ingredient choice. I actually had the leftovers today sans quinoa and it was just as tasty.  I prepped everything ahead of time so when I finished with lessons I could pop everything in the pan and off to cooking town we’d go.  Oh, I cooked the quinoa before hand as well. I didn’t feel like bothering with it while cooking the Shakshuka since quinoa must be stirred often. As the main dish finished, I microwaved the quinoa for a few minutes and everything was ready!

IMG_3366    IMG_3367

You prefer meat? Go ahead and add sausage, no one says you can’t. It’s a great brunch item but was just as hearty for dinner.



Last night we had to do a little switch-a-roo with my weekly menu.  I realized I wouldn’t have time to make steak pizzas (which will be tonight instead), so I made a veggie casserole and breaded chicken tenders.  So simple, so tasty … CRUNCHY FRIED ONIONS as the casserole topper? Yes please!

So I’m not a huge pumpkin spice latte fan (sorry!) … alot of people go nuts when they find out Starbucks brings it back each year. Sort of a way to say “Fall is coming!”; except, it’s still 100* in San Antonio, so I call B.S.


How I do declare that Fall can arrive? By using those crunchy fried onions on every casserole. Yes, NOW Fall can begin. Why wait for Thanksgiving and the classic green bean/cream of mushroom soup casserole? Go ahead, fulfill your guilty pleasure and snack on those suckers … find different casseroles and TOP THOSE BABIES until you can’t see what you were originally baking in the first place.

Want to make homemade breaded chicken tenders? EASY.
You’ll need: 1 egg (lightly beaten in a bowl); panko or breadcrumbs of choice (I sprinkled swiss cheese on top since it was also used for the casserole) … that’s it!
I cut 2 large chicken breasts into 6 strips, dipped them in the egg wash, rolled them in the panko/swiss combo, and placed them on top of a cooling tray (aluminum lined pan underneath).
Oven set to 400, cooked tenders for almost 45 minutes; shortened the casserole time since it was supposed to be set at 350.  Everything came out together and dinner was a hit.

I’m excited for these personal steak pizzas tonight… nom nom nom.


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