give me some of your tots!

Each weekend I sit down to plan our weekly dinner menu and I decided to take a slow cooker hiatus. I was craving a casserole, a recipe my mother used to make and it involved tater tots. I told Josh about it and he sounded so excited with his response “Oh goody, a carb loaded dinner” … acting like I cook unhealthy on the reg; how dare he. Plus we know by now that I’m revamping recipes to make them healthier.

I couldn’t remember the exact recipe so I emailed my mom and she was able to find it; a good old Campbell’s Soup creation. This recipe combines a few of my favorite items: cream of mushroom soup, ketchup (if you’re a purist, Heinz only!), and tater tots. Please, don’t be grossed out by the combination of soup and ketchup … it’s like how people eat ice cream and pickles together – some how it just works.


(lean ground turkey; low sodium soup; ummm Heinz is Heinz; Worcestershire; tots … no sub for those!)

So even with teaching late into the evening I could get it ready (10 min.), cooked (30 min.), and devoured (20 min.) in the 1 1/2 hours I have between lessons. You don’t have time for that? I guess you don’t have time for laundry, cleaning, or showering … you & your house must be stinky 😉 Just sayin’!


I arranged the tots in a cute pattern.  I’m sure Josh didn’t care when he came home LOL. I’m telling you, I’m almost pretty sure he doesn’t see, taste, or chew his meals … he’s my human garbage disposal! GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE! (or as seagulls say “MINE”)

I still had 30 minutes to relax before teaching again. I cleaned while the oven was doing it’s thang … couldn’t ask for anything easier!

To those actually following this blog … here’s the progress on our house!

IMG_2876 IMG_2928IMG_3312



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