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Friday was put off until Saturday … I knew Sunday would be a waste (FOOTBALL!) … so bacon crab cakes were made on Monday.

I’m glad I moved them because this dinner took some time; be prepared to spend a few hours in the kitchen. The recipe wasn’t so much a difficult one but I found it was a pain to actually make/form the crab cakes.  That’s the step we lost our cool (Josh and myself) … I yelled at my Rachael Ray book. This is the furthest from her 30 minute meals, it’s full of recipes she made for an entire year at her house.  Don’t get me wrong, the crab cakes were really delicious but for some reason they didn’t want to stay together while coating them with their flour/egg/panko bath. Josh’s idea: dump those ingredients in the bowl and mix like a meatloaf. Whatever, I was hungry and about 5 minutes away from heating up leftovers! His idea worked pretty well actually; I think we used too much crab meat (who knew it was possible?!) so it was rather lumpy. This is why 2 heads are better than 1 … I also told him that I loved cooking but I was beginning to not want to eat what I prepared. So he’s been helping out when able and it’s made a huge difference just in the last few dinners already.


I chopped what I could before teaching on Monday night which proved to be a good idea considering how long everything else took.

IMG_3302  I sported my beach themed apron (courtesy of mama H); Josh sported his mainly HD apron, bottle holder & opener included.  Parmesan coated asparagus and fries were tasty and easy sides. The fries were actually leftover from our Saturday outing; put them in the oven/broiler and reheat for 5-ish minutes. Oh, we followed the green box for baking the crab cakes. I can’t stand frying on the stove… such a mess & not healthy.

IMG_3303 These are scenes from various steps in the recipe. Finished product on the bottom right. Yes, we used the fake crab meat; sorry but at $12 for 6 oz of the real stuff… our budget didn’t allow for that. Deal with it.

Last night was a special treat; we were given ground venison as a thank you for watching a friend’s dog so I wanted to incorporate that ingredient to this week’s menu. We contemplated a meatloaf but as Josh informed me, venison is a very lean meat so in a large amount like a meatloaf, it would be pretty dry.  We decided on venison burgers … really tasty! I’ve had venison steaks before but never burgers. It was interesting because I like burgers on the moo-ing side; you can not cook venison like that, it has to be “done”. So as far as “doneness”, it was a little tough for me but still had good flavor. Josh cooked them on the grill because he said it’ll smell funny in the house for days if we use the broiler.

IMG_3304 Bacon was a good call on this one, since venison is gamey tasting, bacon added a “meaty” flavor.  We used turkey bacon as a healthier (and cheaper!) option.  Potato wedges again for a side, I needed to use them before they went bad… and who doesn’t love a potato?! Geno NEVER smiles and he was doing a lot of it last night (I think he was trying to be cute and hopefully get a taste of that venison!). Josh pulled out the mega grill tools, brief case included!

IMG_3305Josh getting the ground venison ready. This was a new scent for the sous chefs and they clearly wanted a taste! They like to linger in the kitchen but last night they were attached to Josh’s leg in hopes that he’d drop some.

IMG_3306Finished burger! Top them with all the fixins’… onions, pickles, tomatoes, etc.  The glimpse of a salad you see in the corner is from the deli counter. Don’t forget about the tasty options you can buy prepared from the store. Listen, we don’t eat those salads every week but they are nice treats to sporadically enjoy; most of them are made with a mayo dressing, clearly not the healthiest choice. I know we have 2 more for this week’s menu: cole slaw and a macaroni salad. We probably won’t visit the deli counter for another year, I don’t think we’ve purchased any since we moved here in November ’12.



Where were you? I was in my senior year of HS in government class … we just sat in awe at what we were watching on the TV (it had already been on since homeroom just let out) … soon after when it was announced that the Pentagon was hit, I think that’s when it really dawned on us … what we were watching was real.  My mom came to find me (she worked at the school) and let me know my dad’s work building was being evacuated due to a fire in a stairwell (later we found out it wasn’t related, just a freak accident), however he could see the smoke from the Pentagon from his building. It was scary. The rest of the school year wasn’t the same. Students who were of Middle Eastern decent didn’t come to school for a few weeks; the girls who did eventually start showing up came to school in their religious attire and would then change into “American” clothes for the school day; changing back in last period.  I don’t know what their thoughts were but these events affected every student for one reason or another. I lived in the Nation’s Capital which was supposed to be the “strongest” place in America yet it took weeks, months, and years for us to begin to recover. A few months later, I remember taking a band trip into New York and as we drove into the city, looking at the sky line of where the towers once stood, you could hear a pin drop on that coach bus. Every student was pressed against the windows just staring because it was the first time that most of had seen an essential part of NY was no longer there. Now that, was surreal.



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