(late) Summer Nights

Oh San Antonio, you tease me with your weather. Just last week it got down to 75 degrees at night and there was a slight breeze; it was beautiful! Yet it still reaches 100 every day. By next week it may get down to the low 90’s… and the humidity, it’s never ending! I thought summer’s were rough in Northern VA but S.A. definitely has it beat. The evenings are strange here, just as you think the sun is going down that it will cool off for a nice dinner outside, an insane wind picks up! We got a few weeks of a breeze last fall but most evenings were 30+ MPH winds; patio furniture flying. I only mention this because I feel like those few weeks of nice evenings are upon us. I’m going to strive to grill out whenever possible – it’s too hot during summer months and it gets too windy later into fall & winter.

Last night was a great grilling night! My menu planning coincided perfectly with the first day of regular season football: BBQ wings! What’s better than bar food at home (and 100% healthier)? Not that we would have gone out for last night’s game … cough, gag @ Ravens vs. Bronco’s. Now I’m not one to talk trash, that’s my husband’s job. Ok, back to dinner… wings on the grill, green beans with caramelized shallots, and potato wedges.  Prep probably took 15 minutes? I didn’t keep track, I know my dinners are fast so I stopped watching the clock.

Drench the wings in sauce, let the sit in the fridge for an hour then onto the grill 20 minutes (filliping every few minutes since they are so tiny)

IMG_3170  <<< finished products! YUM!

potatoes (S & P first!) into the oven at 400 for 1 hour

IMG_3168  <<< spoon a few dollops of butter and let it melt once the p’s come out

green beans/shallots took the most hands on cooking

IMG_3169  IMG_3154

That’s pretty much it!

Grilling time is daddy/puppy time… like these dogs don’t get any loving.

IMG_3171 <<< McLane goes into a puppy trance if you rub right behind his ears

Ella keeps watch since McLane is busy …


Wednesday’s Dinner:
another slow cooker meal; vegetable lasagna!

After making ribs on Monday, the slow cooker had to soak & all of the crusties still didn’t come off… so I purchased liner bags. It served its purpose but I don’t know what the bags are actually made out of, how does this plastic not melt? Whatever, it made clean up super easy the other night!  Oh, the dogs… right… we have zero carpet on the 1st level of our house; so they literally squeeze to fit on the door mat. Aren’t they special?

IMG_3143  IMG_3145
How easy is that? Those are the steps!
You may have noticed I left out mushrooms … yeah, I bought canned olives on accident (2 curse words!) … I searched the fridge, I had 2 “meaty” options: eggplant or zucchini. I picked the zucchini because I really wanted to make roasted eggplant rounds tonight.

IMG_3151 IMG_3152
There it is, the finished lasagna. It only took 4-ish hours, definitely not an all day slow cooker meal … good for the weekend or a snow day (Sorry, East Coasters … you know they will be called before you know it!)

ENJOY DINNER! Make something delish … I promise it won’t take forever (unless it’s a slow cooker recipe 😉 )

I can’t wait for tonight’s dinner … BACON CRAB CAKES!




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