haters gonna hate!

Ribs in a slow cooker? HECK YES! Go ahead you BBQ aficionados, roll your eyes. If I want ribs, mama’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. They even came out with a nice crust, no time in the broiler needed! We haven’t had ribs in I don’t know how long and it was Labor Day which screams “BBQ time!”, so we did.

So think about it – bbq is supposed to be done low and slow, doesn’t that define a slow cookers process? I know, you don’t get the grill flavor but we have a gas grill so it didn’t matter to us. This is honestly an easy way to do ribs if you don’t have the time to (wo)man a grill for 8 hours.  The meat was falling off the bones as I tried to lay it on a cutting board; no knives were necessary at dinner.


  • baby back pork ribs ($9/2.5 lbs for 2 ppl= no left overs)

— Emergency text to my dad:
ME: is the membrane supposed to be removed from ribs?
DAD: Yes or they’ll curl
ME: it’s tearing off meat as I go
DAD: it should come off like saran wrap; that’s not good!
ME: uh, yeah!
DAD: Mom says it’s ok to leave on
…. and I did just that, ribs turned out perfect.

  • 1 TBSP brown sugar
  • steak seasoning or S & P
  • BBQ sauce of choice … I figured if we weren’t using a Weber then we might as well use Weber BBQ sauce, very tasty!

1. season the ribs with dry spices
2. place ribs MEAT SIDE facing the walls
3. pour BBQ over meat, use a brush to spread
4. optional: 5 minutes under the broiler to get a crust
SET to low and let them sit for 8 hours.  Enjoy the smell of goodness in your house! Or as you pull into your garage, you can savor the fact that dinner is ready.

SIDES: beans and slaw … DONE!

Completely clean bones! Told ya this recipe was good!

Yesterday we slacked big time; hot dogs, french fries, and a salad.  Nothing crazy but we’ve been trying to find “healthy” hot dogs that don’t taste like cardboard.  I bought Jenni O’s turkey dogs and we really liked them; only complaint: a little small.  The store did carry the bun length dogs and I should have picked those up… but at least we finally found a decent product.  Oh, the shorter hot dogs are only 89 cents for 10! HELLO, CHEAP!!! The longer ones I believe were $2-3 (for 10 as well).
IMG_3129  … always whole wheat buns – if you’ve gotta use bread, it’s a bit better than white or potato buns.

Josh was the chef last night along with Geno (inspecting the grill and letting Josh know everything looks/smells good!)
Thanks babe! xoxo


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