D’oh, pictures!

I’ve made this recipe once before and completely forgot how quick the sauce is prepared, I honestly forgot to take pictures! I realized I didn’t take any prep pictures when I pulled the salmon out of the oven (cursed 1x).  So hopefully you get the point, it’s a quick put-together meal!

The menu consisted of hoisin glazed salmon, cheesy mashed p’s, and a salad. Nothing fancy but nothing lacked flavor either.


I kept the measurements and drenched 2 salmon filets … yeah, we like the marinade that much.  I prepared the salmon about 10 minutes before the rest of dinner, to let the marinade soak in a bit.

Turn broiler on HI and pop in the salmon.

Mashed p’s went on: I added handfuls of cheese (monterey jack and sharp cheddar). Don’t judge me, I don’t care if the master chefs of the world are cringing that I mixed cheese with seafood.  I didn’t put cheese ON the seafood, it was a side dish.  It all went together really well.

Salad: spring mix, sliced carrots, grape tomatoes, and crumbled fontina cheese.  I used some that was leftover from our gourmet grilled cheese creations.


Dinner was cooked in 10 minutes! It took 1 minute to stir the marinade and then 10 minutes to let the salmon sit (totally optional). So you could choose your prep time, 1 to 10 minutes … it’s not like you have to slave over the stove while the salmon sits; I washed dishes in that time.

After dinner, Sous Chef Geno and I read one of the Dog Fancy magazines that my parents mailed to me.



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