Josh saved the day!

Let’s oomph up a classic … grilled cheese and soup.

Josh is the grilled cheese master in this house; I end up putting either too much or not enough cheese and the bread has a nice blackened finish. This sandwich, I can officially say I’m the master of! Go ahead and laugh. Sure, I can cook a complex dinner but I can’t cook grilled cheese.  At least I’ve never burned water 😉

Before we begin you’ll need a gadget, either a blender or an immersion blender. I have both but think an immersion blender is way cooler so I went with it.  I also preferred a toaster oven to “grill” the sandwiches, there’s no reason to preheat an oven and only use it for 5 minutes.  Our kitchen is so small and gets incredibly hot – we already had 3 burners going, no reason to add the oven.

Broccoli and Cheese Soup: So easy!
Chop: carrots, broccoli, and an onion. DONE! Boil in chicken broth, blend, pour in half and half, add cheese… DONE DONE!
– this is a great recipe to make on the weekend and freeze in small portions, thaw as you need it.
– a healthier version of your typical broccoli/cheese soup. You’ll cut half the calories & 1/4 of the fat.


Kale and Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese: Say what?!
Don’t knock kale unless you’ve tried it.  In my opinion it doesn’t have any flavor, reminds me of spinach. It’s just another dark greens option you should add to your diet. Iceburg lettuce has very few nutrients.  Yes it has a nice crunch but that’s about it.  Save it for a BLT.
Continuing on… saute the onions, take off heat and stir in red wine vinegar; boil water, remove from heat, add kale for 4 minutes, rinse/drain, and pat dry.  Almost done 🙂 Grate your choice of cheese… here’s where I ran into an issue.  If y’all are aware of raclette cheese, by all means hunt it down and use it.  I opted for fontina, while it may not be the same flavor it does have the same texture – easy for melting. It tasted good with the Parmesan too.



Side bar: Raclette Cheese – let me educate you.  You may not have heard of it before but I bet you know what it is … take a look.

It’s an actual cuisine – melt the cheese, scrape it on to a plate and then dip potatoes, pickles, or dried meat.  Looks fancy, right? Yeah, the price says so too. I’ll take the $7 fontina cheese over the (same size) $15+ raclette.

Ok, back to dinner – so while there were a lot of small steps, it didn’t really take much time.  The longest wait was when Josh had to make an emergency trip to the store. The bread had gone bad 😦 I checked it on Friday and NO MOLD.  Come back Saturday – MOLD. WTH!!!! I hate humidity, you can’t leave anything on the counter or else it goes bad in a few days. In Vegas we could leave bread out for 2 weeks and it wouldn’t go bad. I’ve got to remember this. Duh. I promised to give him credit for “saving dinner”.

He also came home with a mini cheesecake. He’s worse than me going to Target. Yeah ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

So that was dinner, a nice change from the usual grilled cheese and Campbell’s soup. Much healthier too!



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