THAT was an a-maz-ing dinner

Props to me … I dared myself to make a “gourmet” dinner with out cursing TOO much. I don’t think I cursed at all! Maybe at how long it took to to hollow out stupid mushrooms, but that was it. Promise!

I know all of my posts have been about quick prep dinners but every once in a while I think we deserve a true sit-down dinner, nothing coming from a bag or box. The main course was shrimp with a smoky/peppery citrus marinade, one side dish was a quinoa salad, and the second side dish was stuffed mushrooms.  The prep did take a while, an easy fix for that is buying mushrooms caps … The recipe calls for whole mushrooms because you’ll need the removed pieces for the stuffing however no one would know the different if those bits and pieces weren’t there.

I opted for whole mushrooms and spent close to 20 minutes removing the stems and other ‘meat’ in order to make a big enough opening for the stuffing mix. I knew I’d have time to do it and didn’t feel like spending $3 on mushroom caps (wait, I have to pay MORE for LESS food? whatever 😉 ). I still had to combine the other stuffing ingredients… that didn’t take a while but after 20 minutes of removing stems, I was over this dish, HA!  Anyway, that dish took the most time to prep – buyer beware.  Other than that, the shrimp & quinoa salad took maybe 15 minutes (cooking time) total, the shrimp had to marinate for 30 minutes so I did that when I started the mushroom debacle.  While the quinoa was cooking I chopped the tomatoes and avocado for it; shrimp went on the grill in the remaining 6 minutes.  Josh held down that job 🙂

  IMG_2924[1]  IMG_2925

If you have limited time to prep a delish dinner, stick with the shrimp & quinoa salad.  The stuffed mushrooms might be a nice pot luck dish or finger food at a party. I just really wanted to make them, it was a recipe I found back in December and felt guilty it hadn’t been used yet. I, unlike most people, actually make the recipes I pin to my Pinterest “Yum-O” board… the craft projects, not so much. A girl can dream 😉

For my veggie lovers, the quinoa salad would be a great “take to work” lunch! It can be eaten hot or cold (easy leftovers!!!). It’s incredibly filling and who doesn’t like grape tomatoes, avocado (super food!), and feta cheese? Make the full serving suggestion in this recipe and you’ll have salad for days!

IMG_2927   IMG_2926
Everyone was excited for dinner 🙂 The dogs eat better than we do … salmon & sweet potatoes on the reg. No complaints from them, EVER.


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