please, stop me.

3 ingredients. 1 minute. 5 1/2 hours.

Those are the stats from last night’s dinner.  The first two seem great, right? Don’t be scared about the last one, it’s a crock pot dinner! 🙂 See, that’s pretty good news.  3 ingredients: salsa, taco seasoning, and chicken. 1 minute to toss it all in. Set it on HIGH and let it sit for 5 1/2 hours (low: 6-8 hours).  I was home for some of the day while it was cooking but when I returned from my first set of lessons, I could smell dinner as I pulled into the garage … I can honestly say out of my crock pot dinners, this is the one that will drive your sense of smell completely bonkers! You’ll want to dive in but self control is key; in order to shred the chicken easily it needs to cook for the full amount.  After shredding it I let everything sit for another 30 minutes so every ounce of liquid could be absorbed.


I had 2 tacos but Josh went back for seconds (my human garbage disposal) and I had to stop him before he ate it all! He had 4 tacos and I’m pretty sure he put enough chicken on each one to make 6 tacos … so yeah, clearly this recipe is a winner.  He actually asked “Can I put the leftovers away before I keep eating? You need to stop me!”

Choose your favorite toppings; guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce (we never have ice burg lettuce so the “spring salad mix” had to work, ha). It is a bit messy so this is not a grab and go kind of meal, you will need a plate and lots of napkins!  I see this returning during football season; it doesn’t take much effort and who can really screw up a taco?

Here’s how I came about this recipe: I put a post on FB for a chicken crock pot meal, 2 responses came in. I mean, I wasn’t expecting a flood of people chiming in but I figured there were more out there who used a crock pot.  Especially all of those people who claim to never have time to cook.  Crock pot meals require ZERO EFFORT, what are you waiting for?!  Anyway, it was really sad.  The 2 posts I got were great though; one was this meal and the other was a website for crock pot meals.  I’ll be sure to frequent them both.

**I used 3 large chicken breasts which was perfect for two people, leaving enough leftovers for maybe 3 more tacos. I didn’t change the salsa or taco seasoning amounts.**


2 thoughts on “please, stop me.

  1. I love this! I can’t wait to get the slow cooker from our wedding registry so I can start making things like this ahead of time. Of course, I’m partial to chicken thighs, and then i love putting it over romaine lettuce (a little better than ice berg, but still holds up to the heft of the saucy chicken!) with a bit of salsa and a dash of a creamy dressing like cesar or ranch, PLUS cilantro if I have it– amazing meal! works great with ground beef too if you’re not fat-phobic.

    I think your blog is great ms. donna!

    • Thanks lady! I as well prefer thighs because they are juicier, I’ve just found them to disintegrate in the crock pot. The combo of ingredients you mentioned sounds tasty plus cilantro is my favorite “add on”. I try to always have a bundle in the fridge. I’ll keep your idea in mind the next time we do chicken (or ground turkey)! My crock pot is seriously the best gadget in my kitchen (other than my mandolin). I got a sweet deal on it too, it was priced wrong & I had a coupon … saved over 50%. I love deals.

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