Thanksgiving in August

There’s always a time and place for stuffing, it’s one of those side dishes that remind me of Thanksgiving.  I could eat an entire bowl, it’s so good!  Since we didn’t really have an official Thanksgiving last year (half of our house was still in boxes and remember, I was completely over food from eating out for 2 weeks while hotel-living), I felt like we needed a stuffing fix.

I came up with “stuffing stuffed pork chops” for dinner last night. There were Craisins in the pantry so I tossed those in as well; made green beans and mashed p’s for sides – a delicious dinner indeed.  The pork chops were butterflied by the butcher so I didn’t have much prep to do. Just S & P on each side of the chops and rub on EVOO, I think it keeps the meat from drying out.

Hold on to your britches because this meal takes 15 minutes to prep. Cook the stuffing, put it on one side of the chop, fold the chop over, and BOOM, you’re done.  Seriously, that’s it. Put the chops in the oven at 400 for 30 minutes.  “But Donna, what about the other sides you mentioned?”. Hang on again… this will amaze you, especially since most of you claim to NEVER have time to cook.  In the last 10 minutes or so of the chops, boil the green beans and make some insty mashed p’s.  You know my deal with insty mashed p’s – yes I cheated, so what, but as usual I made them ‘my own’ by adding things like chives and cream cheese.  You want a delish meal or what?  By now if you’re still saying that you just don’t have time to create such a dish, I guess you’re doomed.  Seriously, 45 minutes (prep + cook time) – you don’t have time? I have a 4 letter word for you … L A Z Y.

Like I said earlier, dinner turned out super tasty.  It could have used a sauce, with the stuffing and mashed p’s the plate was a bit dry (not the chops, just overall textures were dry).  Something I’ve made before was a rhubarb-cherry sauce and it would have been perfect with last night’s dinner.  Now I’m bummed because I had all of the ingredients to do it. This is a sauce you can make in bulk and store it in the freezer so it’s ready when you need it however it’s so easy to make, you could do it while the chops are baking and it wouldn’t add any time to your prep.

IMG_2881 IMG_2882
dinner!                                                                                   rhubarb-cherry sauce

Creative meals don’t need to be over thought.  We love stuffed pork chops, there are endless possibilities! So when you start feeling “bored” of your regular dinners, think of revamping a typical dish.  A few different options: sauteed apples and onions; spinach and Gouda; blue cheese and cranberries; anything really! What about green beans? Adding sliced mushrooms sounds great.  You can do a lot with mashed p’s too… extra cheese; crumbled bacon; sour cream; garlic.  Stop complaining (or posting on FB) that you’re bored with dinner; take a few minutes and put on your thinking cap. It doesn’t take much to create something new and delish.


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