mufasa, mufasa, mufasa

My bestie T put together a cute recipe box for my bridal shower and asked everyone to offer their favorite recipe, I’ve finally tapped in to that gift.  I know I know, how could I have waited so long to use the recipes? Soon after my shower we began packing the house to move to S.A…. oh and finish planning the wedding!  Once in S.A. we had to live in a hotel for 2 weeks and eat out a lot. Finally in our house I had no inspiration to cook and I was so tired of food. As we settled in all we had was Josh’s income while I figured out ways to start a studio, dinners were basic and I rotated 4 different “recipe variations” if you can even call them that.  Just about the time I wanted to start REALLY cooking we were hit with the diabetes news; c’mon, that for sure was a sign “NOW IS THE TIME TO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!”.  So that’s a little back story for you.

Last night was day 2 of comfort ‘home-home’ food, I wish I would have brought this dish in to rotation sooner … it turned out great and Josh devoured almost all of it; I had to stop him. This recipe is from my mom and it’s something I liked eating as a kid but I honestly had NO CLUE what the ingredients were. I probably wouldn’t have eaten it if I did, mom’s know best.  I mean, think of your 10 y.o. self and hearing “cottage cheese and tomato sauce” being mixed together: GROSS! Now I’m more open to it 😉  Corn Moussaka is a Greek dish and originally called for ground lamb, since we haven’t won the lottery lately we opted for ground turkey as a healthier swap out from ground beef. One might think this is not a diabetic friendly dish however lean ground turkey is a good meat choice, cottage cheese is a free food, shredded cheese is free food, 8 oz. of tomato sauce won’t hurt you … the 2 eggs and corn are actually the unhealthy ingredients! Since those are small amounts everything balanced out in the end and as usual I made side salads. Dark greens are the carb “eraser” in this house 🙂 That doesn’t mean we eat greasy burgers and fries then throw in a salad… that’s not how salads work.

The dish took 20-30 minutes to prep and 45 minutes to cook; not bad at all and I think some of it you could prep in the morning or the night before (like browning the ground beef/mixing in tomato sauce/layer over corn … I’d finish the rest of the steps once you put the meet in the oven for the first round of cooking).  While eating dinner Josh and I kept saying “mufasa, mufasa, mufasa” since it sounds so close to Moussaka, lol.

corn/beef                               cottage cheese/chives


what was leftover!                 Ella wanted to help 🙂


rant time!!

I keep seeing FB posts of how people don’t have TIME to cook (stop trolling, start cooking). WHAT?! You don’t have 30 minutes to prep a wholesome-healthy-for-you-and-your-family meal? You’d rather sit in rush hour traffic, drive to a fast food establishment, wait in the drive-through, and bring home a lovely grease lined bag to your family? Oh BT-dubs that took 30 minutes as well (and that food just took a year off your life). Listen, even when I didn’t care about cooking I still made SOMETHING.  Marinated chicken breasts, frozen salmon filets (better than breaded fish sticks!), beef kabobs… I mostly used frozen or canned veggies (better than none at all!) … are these the greatest meals? Ehh, that’s up for debate however at least I was cooking. Open up a freakin’ cookbook and TRY. Stop waiting for someone to hand you dinner on a silver platter, unless you’ve recently won the lottery.

I’m sure some people are thinking “Geeze Donna, you don’t have kids or a 9-5 job … of course you have time to cook”. Well I beg your pardon, I do have a job (that usually overlaps with dinnertime)- soon to be 2… I still manage.  No we don’t have kids… don’t care to at the moment.  We have 3 fur babies that keep us plenty busy.  Listen, you decided your life path – stop making excuses as to why you don’t have time, FIND TIME.  We’re the most obese country (I live in the most obese city, hello!!!!), how do you want your kids to turn out? Start making healthy decisions for their life path.

end rant!!


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