Detox, schmetox. Cleanse, schmeanse.

I read a Facebook post the other day and it was like this person was in my head! Yesterday morning I was reading someone elses post about needing to detox and cleanse their system by cutting sweets.  Maybe there was sarcasm behind the post but since it’s the internet, everything is open to an opinion.  Just because you decide to not eat candy or cupcakes for 30 days it will not cleanse your system.  Think of all the other garbage you eat, seriously, write it down in a food journal… you’ll be surprised at how poorly most of us eat.  Going back to the post that was “in my head” – it was asked what eating healthy or clean meant to people.  Also, that we need to check on what a detox means. With so many people on “health kicks” I agree that the word DETOX is overused.  My version of eating healthy is cutting sugars and carbs, boosting proteins and fibers; three balanced meals (b,l,d) + two small snacks (nuts, yogurt, carrots, an apple).

Most of our fridge is filled with sugar free or fat free items (read the labels though, f.f. can actually have more sugar in it than a ‘regular’ version).  We don’t cook ground beef anymore, only turkey or chicken but it’s not often that we do (don’t worry, we enjoy a steak every once in a while); pork chops is our go-to meat.  Most of our meals are seafood or 100% meatless though. We don’t have an option for a “health kick”; this has to be a life style change.

So, unless you eat cupcakes for every meal, cutting them out for 30 days won’t do much for you. Plus I firmly believe that our bodies need a sweet treat every so often to keep us in check.

Which leads me to my next topic, diabetic desserts. Yeah, those two words don’t belong together! After reading a few diabetic cook books, I was surprised and appalled at what the “author” thought a diabetic dessert was. Basically they made smaller batches of everything or told you to cut thinner pieces of cake.  Really?! Making 12 cookies vs. 30 cookies doesn’t change the amount of sugar you eat; it only changes the amount you use to bake with.  Plus who makes 12 cookies? Don’t waste my time; if I’m going to bake, there better be a butt load of treats in the end. Also, have you ever tried to cut a thin piece of cake? You end up with a blob on your plate; it’s impossible to cut cake THIN.

My new goal is to bake healthier treats that we can enjoy. Josh has the biggest sweet tooth ever and so far my dinners are keeping him happy but I need to figure out a way so he can start having desserts again.  We’ll find out tonight if my first creation will be a keeper… the only unhealthy ingredient is Angel Food Cake (ended up using less than half of it though), everything else is f.f., s.f., or light.  The carbs aren’t bad compared to Marie Callender pies and other bakery items … 31g/serving is fantastic vs 60+g. We’ve tried the s.f. pies from the bakery section, but with only three or four choices they got old real fast.

Here is our delectable treat that has been chilling since last night (don’t mind the chunk of a.f.c. that’s missing… I enjoyed a few extra pieces)

Image  Image

Image busted.


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