What went wrong?

Friday was supposed to be easy; 1 mid-afternoon lesson, Josh should be home by 3pm, enjoy a few beverages, and relax… then cook a tasty meal.   Only two of those things happened… taught 1 lesson and I had a few glasses of ‘them feets’.  Makes me miss Vegas.

(don’t judge my ice cubes)

Anyway, while *not so patiently* waiting an extra 3 hours for Josh to come home I was looking forward to the meal I had planned, beef noodle soup and egg rolls. I had quite a few leftover ingredients, beef broth, bok choy, sprouts, and five spice.  I had to purchase sriracha (this is one of those things that comes in a large bottle and most people won’t use much of it… Josh will ask for it on his sandwiches now that we have it, no waste here!), a pepper, a lime, and skirt steak… not a bad grocery trip.  The egg rolls were FREEEEE! A few weeks ago I had purchased PF Changs frozen dumplings, opened the bag and 5 out of 13 were whole.  I contacted their customer service and they sent me a few coupons… is it a hassle to complain, maybe, HOWEVER would you be happy after paying $8 for something you couldn’t cook? The 5 minute phone was worth it and now they have my business.  I opted for the egg rolls this time as to avoid another dumpling disaster.  The egg rolls are winners, very tasty.

Here goes dinner… it smelled amazing and I was proud of myself for trying something really new. I recently made shrimp Pad Thai which is a super easy dish, I figured beef noodle soup would be a similar experience.

Sure it looks great and then you take your eyes off of it for a few seconds… POOF, all the liquid has been absorbed by the noodles.  WTH?! I was literally left with beef flavored spaghetti.  I thought I measured the rice noodles properly, maybe not? Maybe I cooked the noodles too long? I even added extra broth and water, it just kept getting sucked up by the noodles.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  Either way, we attempted to eat the “soup” … Josh topped his bowl with all the extras since he loves spicy flavors.  I only added the lime. Womp, womp, womp, my “soup” tasted like doo-doo. I gave up after 3 bites and devoured the egg rolls (don’t worry, I saved some for Josh).  Josh tasted my bowl and said his was definitely better with the spicy ingredients but the slimy texture of the rice noodles was still pretty gross.


So in the end, we decided that if this were a repeat dish that I’d cook the noddles in water SEPARATE from the broth and as  dishes are served, pour the broth in and then add the already cooked noodles. DUH! This is how restaurants do it.  Honestly I was so mad that I didn’t think of that beforehand, I wrote that in my review on the Cooking Light website.  Only one other person had reviewed it but didn’t have any suggestions/revisions.  Therefore I have no clue what went wrong.

On Saturday, to make me feel better for a horrible meal on Friday (and not seeing each other for 2 weeks), we had a date night at Dough. This is not a pepperoni and cheese pizza place (that’s what the classy people asked for at the table next to us *sigh*) … we’re talking house made mozzarella, an 800 degree oven (your pizza is cooked in 90 seconds on a volcanic rock “base”, HELLO!), live jazz, great service… you name it. This place is pizza perfection.  A direct quote from my friend Andrew who is in Naples right now via the Navy, “That pizzeria that you went to is one of the few in the US that has been sanctioned by the Vera Pizza Napoletana – the official Naples pizza association.”  Yeah, Josh picked the right place last night 🙂 Usually this place has an hour+ wait to sit inside, we sucked it up and got seated outside, no wait.  That’s ok, more wine to keep us cooled off! Here’s a look at our meal:
IMG_2760 IMG_2761 IMG_2762
ricotta cheese WRAPPED in mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes

arugula + prosciutto pizza

polenta sponge cake with a vanilla glaze & raspberry sauce

Tonight (Sunday): who knows what’s for dinner … we took the kids to a lake and now everyone is playing games of naps, except me of course. I’m doing dog laundry (all of their blankets and beds get washed when they get baths), FUN times.

IMG_2773 IMG_2780
I won’t embarrass Josh with a photo. And yes, we have 3 beds however the 2 big dummies insist on cuddling 24/7.


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