Have you hugged your crock pot today?

And so another week has gone by and I’m reminded how much I love my crock pot.  Thursday was so insane I still can’t wrap my head around how Josh and I managed to get through the day.  Earlier in the week I swapped some students around so I wouldn’t be teaching from 1-9pm straight …. I’d have 3 hours to get dinner ready!!! YAY!!! Of course things quickly went down hill at about 10AM. We got a wonderful phone call from our car repair shop, Josh’s truck was pretty much done-skis. It was in our best interest to buy a new car; guess what we did in my 3 hours of free time?

Fortunately it was a crock pot day and an easy prep.  The noodles obviously took the longest, I made 2 bags of bow tie pasta so I’d have leftovers for other dishes over the weekend; I only used 1 bag for the recipe.   If you’re using egg noodles as the recipe calls for, you may need 2 bags.  That kind of noodle squishes/flattens out and you could probably do more layers depending on the size of your crock pot. I double the sauce though, nothing is worse than dry pasta.

Here’s the SUPER EASY PART: start with the marinara sauce and layer like a lasagna. Sauce, noodles, toppings of choice (I used pineapple chunks & ham cubes, all pre-cut), noodles, toppings, sauce, TONS OF CHEESE. Honestly, anything you like on a pizza can be used! I’ve done onions, pepperoni, and mushrooms two other times.

Image  Image  Image

For those you die hard readers, the kitten that tagged along to the car repair shop has been safely taken to a shelter.  The kitten had decided to hide in the shop but no one knew, it was setting off motion alarms throughout the night and the manager had to go in 3  times until he realized it was the kitten! Hopefully its leg can be treated and a loving family will adopt it.

And here’s the new Silver Bullet.  RIP Black Stallion.


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