Slicing, dicing, slice, slice, slice, slice, slice

This meal was a bit time consuming, it was something I could have done earlier in the day but I wasn’t aware how long it would take to slice baby bok choy into thin strips. I didn’t make a fancy dinner- chicken tenders, baked potatoes, and slaw.  The first two were obviously the easiest but the slaw tested my patience. Timing worked out perfectly though, while the potatoes were baking I started on the slaw and half way through the baking time I popped the chicken in.  Everything finished together perfectly.

The slaw called for an apple (I used granny smith), carrots, and 1 lb of baby bok choy (2 small ‘heads’).  Almost had a dilemma at the grocery store, the cashier rang up organic bok choy; I stopped her and said “does it look like I can afford organic?”, we’re talking a $5 difference which is a big deal to this savvy savings queen.  Back to the slaw, you want to make slicing a lot easier? Buy yourself one of these guys:

The mandolin is seriously the best invention ever … until it came to the baby bok choy. Even with the finger guard (use it, maybe you’ve seen the recent Master Chef episode where the one girl sliced off a chunk of her finger, this gadget is no joke) I couldn’t figure out how the bok choy would slice.  If you’re not familiar with bok choy, it pretty much looks like a celery stalk topped with a spinach leaf. It tastes similar to celery but had a strange after taste, I wouldn’t suggest snacking on it raw. I went on to slicing the bok choy with a knife and it took forever, I gave up after one head. Speaking of giving up, I cheated and purchased a bag of sliced carrots. There’s nothing wrong with cutting a few corners, ha ha HA.  I also used ground ginger (ya know, in the spice aisle, who has time for fresh ginger?!) End result:

If you like sweeter apples, go for it – the sauce calls for lemon juice which would tame the sweetness.  We don’t mind tart flavors though.

Here’s the easy part of dinner: I coated chicken tenders in a bread crumb/parmesan cheese combo (dipped in an egg wash first), placed on a cooling rack so they would cook evenly and not stick to a pan… plus the bread crumbs usually end up soggy on the bottom side, use a cooling rack!

Image   Image

Throw them in the oven for the remaining 30 minutes of the potatoes; I set it to 400. Josh did help with the potatoes, stabbing each one with a fork and wrapping in foil. Thank you Josh for your hard work, he was allowed to have dinner last night.  Actually he attempted to keep the dogs away but Geno insisted on making me trip.

Dinner was super tasty and a great idea (I bought a new bundle of chives, hopefully these won’t freeze to death)


I was so proud of myself for purchasing ‘double duty chicken’. I had bought chicken breasts with the tender portion on it as well, I saved the tenders knowing I’d use them since we cut out processed “Tysons” or those frozen bag chicken items.  Keeping with re-using things, since I gave up on the bok choy and have one head leftover I think I’ll make a beef noodle soup soon.

Baby Bok Choy Slaw:


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