There’s corn in the sausage?

We didn’t even get to sit down for our entire dinner. Welcome to my Tuesday. While we don’t have children, our dogs take up any/all of our ‘should be’ quiet time.

Leading up to dinner was fine, found a small box on the front porch from my aunt … she sent a kitchen timer.  Proof that someone reads my blog, lol.  Then I got an email inquiring about my insanely awesome music skills to possibly teach at a school, the principle found my lesson ad on Craigslist.  It is a little known fact that I was hired for my first “big kid” job after posting a private lesson ad on Craigslist.  Good things can come from that site so maybe this is a sign!

Dinner cooked perfectly, since Josh was supposed to work until 7 I planned on those “ready to cook” sausages, leftover zucchini, and mashed p’s that I was too lazy to make last night.  Oh, so he got done at 6 … I cooked dinner ASAP because we were starving.


Since instant mashed p’s are a bit dull I always add my own ingredients.  Tonight’s plan was chives and sour cream however when I took the cup of chives out of my fridge, surprise surprise … the water was half frozen. Stupid fridge that freezes! UGH! This is the second time my chives were frozen and they didn’t grow much since the last time, I’m pretty sure they were dead.  Ok, backup plan … keep the sour cream but add TONS of cheese. We love cheese; it’s the one thing Josh can eat as much as he wants of.


As I get the sausages and veggies in the broiler I receive a text message from my Little, coincidentally asking about the broiler because she remembered it’s my best friend. I love it, a second reader, lol! It is a fickle feature on the oven, while I love broilers you must watch the food you put in there. It can burn in the matter of 30 seconds.  Speaking of which, as I was typing a second text I smelled smoke.  Seriously? I was telling my Little to watch her food closely then I forget about mine? It was ok though, the sausages were starting to pop but they weren’t burnt.

I cook all meats on a cookie cooling rack now. I don’t have to worry about flipping the meat and it cooks evenly on both sides. Just be sure to spray the cooling rack to prevent sticking (hence PAM in a previous photo).

As I closed the oven door Geno shoved his face in and I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so loud before. Fortunately that scared him and he ran away.

Now here’s what happened DURING dinner. We sit down, I forgot a fork for Josh. He gets up for one then decides to feed the dogs.  Now we’re yelling at them to “get back” because Geno is confused that he’s allowed to eat but can’t come 1 foot closer into the dining room while we’re eating. Ella and McLane sleep while we eat and once we’re done, they go for it. However if we call Geno so he can eat, then the other two dummies think they can come in the dining room.  It’s a vicious circle of defeat.  Half way through dinner Geno gets sick, I’ll spare you the details. We lose our appetite.  We use the babiest of baby voices so none of them hide; we wanted to get all the dogs outside.  They hide if they’re in trouble, they know … except poor Geno wasn’t in trouble, we think he could have used some Tums or something (or maybe it was a delay of scaring the sh*t out of him from previously mentioned face/oven incident). After cleaning everything up we sit back down to dinner, food was cold but it still tasted fine.  This is when Josh asks “hey is there corn in this sausage?” He’s on his third sausage and just now realized it was stuffed with green chiles, black beans, red peppers, and corn.  I told you he doesn’t taste his food.

Clean up from dinner, make sure the dogs are still doing ok then Josh gets a text from work “hey, want to help pick up a new group?” He looked at me like he was begging to open one gift early on Christmas Eve.  Off he went, should be home by 9pm.  I’ve seen him for a total of 2 hours today.  I mean, if I said “no” that would be totally defeating the purpose of why we moved out here … this is his new career.  Secretly I wish I they’d have an ‘honorary TI for the day’ program. I’d love to just be a fly on the wall while those kids get a dose of reality, right Danielle?

*picking up a new group is when TI’s let new trainees know how boot camp works… and who’s in charge. Yes sir!


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